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Thursdays aren’t good days for me.


I start lectures in college at 8:30am and only get to leave college at 7:30pm once the last class is done. That’s nearly 12 hours of solid university time, a mix of library work and note-taking with an odd hot chocolate and coffee break thrown in between. Overall, I’m pretty sure I hate Thursdays. I’ve gotten used to thinking of them as the day where I sum up all the bad in the week and get it all out of the way in one go. So yes, I hate Thursdays. Today shouldn’t have been an exception.

But it was.

For some reason I didn’t find the lectures today as boring and I didn’t get annoyed when my computer died and I had to sit through hours of class trying to take hand-written notes. FYI, my writing resembles that of a 7 year old child, so I type at every given opportunity. I’m also incredibly slow at it all, which means I can’t take in half the lecture quickly enough.

I’m not sure if it was an attitude change or a stroke of luck, but I think today’s Thursday wasn’t all that bad and it just took a little bit of positivity to realise such.

After my classes finished, I came down the lobby stairs in college to find that a culture evening was on and a free buffet for all was made available. It was delicious and it gave us a chance to mingle with some of the French students, a thing that we don’t get to do often enough.

Of course then afterwards, it bucketed rain all the way home so we got thoroughly soaked. Drenched in fact. My clothes were wringing when I landed in.

But then I came home to find a note in the kitchen saying that one of the girls had received a package from home and decided to share her greatly coveted Tayto crisps and Cadbury’s chocolate with the whole house. I hadn’t had Cadbury’s nor Tayto in a while – both were more than well received.

Finally I landed in my room, changed out of all the clothes and booted up my laptop. I found a load of comments from my friends saying that they’d gone firm on a date for coming to visit me and were booking tickets. I was thrilled.

The thing is, between the long day, the sore hand I now have from doing those (practically illegible) notes and the rain, I should’ve written today off. But in hindsight, the only thing making me feel so moody about Thursdays is my own stubbornness to accept the workload and enjoy the day anyway.

So I’ve decided that I no longer want to make myself automatically assume that 1/7th of my week will be crap. I’m sorry that I’ve been so pessimistic about Thursdays. They’re lovely in their own right too… I guess. Well, I’ll assume at least til proven otherwise.

Sorcha x

PS) I know I owe a mirror-fasting update as well as some other posts too. I’ll work on it all at the weekend!


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