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I’ve decided to make this a regular post because after the last “Ten Things” I did, I realised that I really liked summing up all the highlights over the past seven days.

So here’s the ten things that made me happy this week:
1. Vintage Shopping
A few days ago myself, Karen and Orla had a day off college and so we decided to venture towards Marais, the vintage hotspot in Paris. I hadn’t really seen much of the Parisian vintage shops and it was a great way to spend an afternoon. Know what Paris loves? Fur coats and cowboy boots. They were everywhere in these shops – rails and rails dedicated to them.
2. Halloween
This is a given. We went to a house party and I got to fulfil my lifelong dream by becoming a member of the Spice Girls for the night. I even tried pumpkin pie for the first time.. A good night was had by all.
3. Galarie Lafayette
This week I finally paid a visit to Galarie Lafayette, the Parisian answer to Brown Thomas. It was amazing. The first and second floor echoes BT in every way that’d you’d expect it to – everything is designer and boutique. Then the third floor is dedicated to contemporary fashion, so it was filled with high street chains like Urban Outfitters, TopShop and American Apparel. I hadn’t been shopping much since the mirror-fast started so it was the first time I felt comfortable splashing out on clothes and make-up. I haven’t looked at my bank account since though… Oh well. I regret nothing.
4. Au Thé Gourmand
One evening during the week my friend Orla and I popped into a cafe near the Pantheon that we’d heard was excellent for hot chocolate. It didn’t disappoint. It was a very home made cafe – magnets on the fridge, glass teapots, odd tables, cookery books and drawings stacked about the place.. I loved it. The cakes on display looked unbelievable too. I will certainly be going back.
5. Falafel
Yet again, I saw another new part of Paris this week. I popped into the Jewish quarters of Paris which, coincidentally, is home to most of the Parisian vintage shops too – the Marais. Naturally we were there for the Falafel given the reputation it has. Just like the hot chocolate from Thé Gourmand, it didn’t disappoint. I’m not the biggest fan of Falafel, I can’t say I eat it too often, but if the Marais was in any way closer to home than that would instantly change everything. EVERYTHING.
6. My Yellow Skirt
I bought a bright yellow skirt recently but wasn’t sure about whether the purchase was wise or not.. I mean, it’s November. How often can one really get away with wearing bright yellow skirts this time of year anyway? Well, I’ve decided to disregard all fashion conformities – I absolutely love the skirt. It makes me so happy wearing it and therefore I will continue to do so on a near weekly basis should I feel the need.
7. Cancelled Lectures
Thursday is an awfully long day for me at college – I’m in from half eight in the morning til half seven in the evening, a near twelve hour shift. Granted I’m not in class the entire time, but the waiting around between lectures doesn’t make things any less tiring. So this week, after landing into my EU law lecture, I found it was cancelled and I proceeded to go grab a brownie and tea in the campus cafe and catch up on sleep instead.
8. Getting Postcards
I don’t often get post. Everyone loves post. So this week when my friend from Finland sent me a postcard with a moose on the front, I was thrilled. When we worked in Disney together we had joked about how typical moose merchandise must be in Finland and she’d tried to deny it… til the proof stared her right in the face in the form of a cheesy postcard. Even the stamp had a moose on it. Go Finland. I must visit some day.
9.  Finishing Essays
No matter how long a deadline, it’s always the night before that the bulk of an essay gets completed. It’s part of the unwritten code of student life. It’s just an accepted fact. Thankfully last night I managed to get mine finished and sent off a good few hours before it needed to be. Winning at life.
10. Saturday Night Films and Chocolate 
I know I should really be out socialising this evening, but my next two weekends are dedicated to the wonderful visitors I’ll have over and so this weekend was my chance to catch up on sleep and general doing nothingness. I love sleep and doing nothingness. They both play a key role in my happiness. So tonight, once I’ve emails and work all sent, I’m going to sit down in my pyjamas and watch a film (probably French) and eat loads of chocolate. Mightn’t be the most exciting, but the idea is currently making me quite the happy woman just thinking about it.


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