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Apparently Halloween isn’t that big a deal in Paris. Finding that out was an incredibly disappointing revelation. Did it stop us? Hardly.
Thankfully, here at the Centre Culturel Irlandais, there’s enough of us to throw our own party, so donning costumes was still on the cards despite the Halloween ethos of our Parisian counterparts. And, FINALLY we managed to carry out our lifelong dream of becoming the Spice Girls. The spirit of seven year old me was rejoicing on the 31st as George, Bronagh, Orla, Karen and I got into character.
Our friend Camille, the hostess for the evening, had done an amazing job at decorating her house for the occasion – there were cobwebs and spiders, pumpkins and blood everywhere. She’d even baked a pumpkin pie – I’d never tasted it before. I approve, but only in small doses. It gets a little too filling after a while. Still, its presence was appreciated.
Getting to Camille’s was an experience in itself too… you should’ve seen the looks we were getting. Karen, our Scary Spice, received the most looks out of us all – she had massive black platform boots, a long leopard print dress and hair which looked like she’d been hit by lightning. I loved it. Only Karen could pull such a costume off!
I was Geri Halliwell, (the closed to Ginger we had in the group) so I got off quite lightly costume-wise. I had picked up a union jack t-shirt from my weekend in London and cut it up a bit to make it look a little more like a dress. It was incredibly short, but you know… it was Halloween.
Another great thing about the evening was the effort everyone went to with their costumes. We had the usual vampires, zombies and witches, but then we also had Lady Diana, Wednesday Adams (who’s referred to as Mercredi Adams in France. Personally I don’t think the translation is necessary), Jack Sparrow and even a twister board. I still think the Spice Girls won out though. Then again, I’d obviously say as much.
Now to begin thinking of next year’s costume… I’m thinking 1950s domestic housewife turned axe murderer? I’ve plenty time to come up with something. I quite like the idea of group costumes, so maybe I can get the girls in on something. Spice Girls was actually the brainchild of last year’s Halloween preparations only we didn’t get around to making costumes in time. We vowed that we’d never make that same mistake again. Seriously. Never.
Oh and before I finish this post – know what I saw as I was on the train out to Camille’s house? Christmas lights all over Galarie Lafayette. Surely it’s too early. I mean it’s one thing putting them up, but having them all lit too? As beautiful as they looked, it’s just too soon. Sort yourself out, Galarie Lafayette.
Sorcha x


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