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Following on from my last “Dear Friend” post, next on the list is my wonderfully cute friend Claire.

Claire and I have been best friends for about seven or eight years now. We’ve gone through the teens together – the converse and trippy shops, the concerts and random outings, the clashing outfits and multicoloured tights – we’ve seen our fair share of them all. Then we grew up and collectively moved to Dublin. I came to UCD to study Law, she went to DCU to study Communications. We’d both known where we wanted our lives to go since the early days… Claire always, ALWAYS had her head set on advertising and media. You can tell that she’d be great at it too – she’s got an incredible creative streak and what I really love about her is how easily you see it influence everything she does and wears.

Even from when we were fifteen, Claire would have an amazing sense of originality. She’d wear the brightest colours and the craziest of combinations, but it worked. I used to be a little jealous of how Claire could pull off a rainbow of colours all at once..it’s a skill in itself.

Nowadays Claire is chairperson of the FotoSoc in DCU and spends a lot of her free time taking epic photographs and mastering photoshop. This is particularly handy for someone who’s technologically inept like me. We have days where we just go out and take random photos and then a few hours later Claire’s worked her magic on them and suddenly we look almost professional. Well,  as professional as we could given the severe lack of experience and creativity on my part that she has to put up with!

Things I like most about Claire:

  • Her style
  • Her laugh
  • We eat a lot of cake together.
  • She’s always up for any crazy projects that I throw her way.
  • Her accent. She’s lived everywhere from England to New Zealand and back to the tiny town of St Johnson. It’s excellent.
  • The way she’s always up for going to markets or anything vintage in general.
  • Our mutual love of PostSecret. We attended the live show for her birthday last year and it was epic.
  • Her lack of domestic godessness and inability to cook/make anything. Claire once served me cold tea. It’s something I can appreciate about Claire because, ya know, God loves a trier.
  • Claire provides Alan and I (as well as every other friend we have) with many many occasions to laugh at. I’ve found myself in tears with laughter at times because of Claire. Sometimes it’s intentional. Most of the time it’s not.

Things that Claire is great for:

  • Theatre. Aside from the fact that our friendship stemmed from our youth drama group, we also did panto together. It was magical. I kid you not.
  • Photographs. See the random speel above I did on how epic she is at photoshop. She knows her stuff.
  • A creative eye. I recently went to Claire’s 21st birthday. There was the most amazing attention to detail with sweets and macaroons and fairy lights. I felt so at home. Then again, I always feel at home in her home anyway. We’ve reached that stage in our friendship…
  • Clipboard activities. I remember my 16th birthday – it was black and white themed and Claire stood at the top of the entrance to my home with a clipboard. Everything was on it. There was nobody to be left behind.
  • Cocktails. Claire loves making cocktails and, unlike tea and other basic things, she’s actually brilliant at making them. We’ve had many a good night out thanks to our love of cocktails!
  • Her conversations. Claire has met friends of mine and ended up getting their entire life-story out of them in a matter of hours. Claire is so open about everything that it’s near impossible not to feel the same when you’re around her. Nothing gets left unsaid over our coffee conversations.


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