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It’s the weekend! Since I’m feeling in the mood, I’ve decided to make a little list of ten things that have made me happy this week. Maybe I’ll try and make it a frequent feature… I don’t know. We’ll see. But for now – here’s the list!

1. Receiving the skirt I ordered online and finding it a perfect fit. I posted earlier about it, so scroll down a few posts to see the skirt I bought. Receiving packages (especially when they contain beautiful clothes) will always make me happy.
2. Ending my mirror-fasting – Come Monday I’ll be free to wear all the make-up I want and look in every mirror I pass! After a month, it can’t come soon enough.
3. Having friends book tickets to come over to Paris. As much as I love this city, it’s so much better when you’ve friends from home to share it with.
4. Finding out that my Imaginaire card landed (i.e. I can know travel freely throughout Paris and not worry about those little ticket tariffs building up).
5. Having wine and dinner with all my friends. It’d been a while since we all just sat back and had a wine evening together. I’d missed the casual catch-ups. It was an excellent night.
6. Being gifted Butlers Chocolates. We were eating dinner an evening last week and the priest who works here randomly gave us a box of chocolates because he thought we’d enjoy them with dinner. It was a lovely gesture, one which made us all incredibly happy 🙂
7. Going for a walk in the Luxembourg Gardens. The park looks unbelievable in the autumn. Leaves are everywhere and there’s just so many people doing so many different things that you could easily spend hours there people-watching. From chess players to musicians, photographers to tourists, the park seems to offer something for everyone.
8. The Place Monge Market. There’s a market every weekend down the street near the Metro Station at Place Monge. Granted you have to rummage around for a while before finding any trinkets worth having, but it’s great for a stroll when you’re free. The food part of the market is yum too. Personally I’m a fan of the hummus…
9. Eating brownies after lectures. I’ve recently discovered that the cafe in our university does wonderful brownies. Sometimes you just need that pick up after class. I go for the double pick up and get it with a hot chocolate just to be sure.
10. Frozen Yoghurt. We had a study session a few days ago and my head became really saturated with all the facts and figures of EU law rolling about inside my brain. The whole place got too stuffy, so we went for FroYo. It was an excellent day for all.


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