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I’ve been here in this wonderful city a month today. I still haven’t toured the Louvre extensively, there’s many markets left unventured and many many sights that I still have to see. I’m a disgrace to the Irish tourist really – I’ve ticked very little of the Parisian “must-dos” left over from Lonely Planet guides. I’ll get round to it all.. I swear. But not yet.
College wise, I’ve thoroughly settled in. Universit√© Paris-Oeust Nanterre is excellent for foreign students – everyone has been so accommodating. Once we found ourselves on the other side of all the paper work (not that we’re there yet – we’ve still a few odd letters to send off) we realised how lucky we were to have chosen the college that we did. Workload wise, the course is manageable. We’ve definitely landed on our feet with the classes and assignments, which means we can ultimately spend more time delving into all things French. My goal for Paris was always to learn as much of the language as possible and experience the city at it’s best, so I’m thrilled that I don’t have to spend my weekends and evenings trawling through essay after essay. Not that there isn’t work – there most certainly is, but it’s tolerable. I think we’re going to survive the year year, and being able to say that from such early days is incredibly reassuring.
As for everything else, we’ve a few friends landing over for the Pitchfork Festival the weekend after Halloween.

The line-up looks like it’d be a fun weekend, so we’re very much in the mood for paying the festival a visit! Perks of living in Paris eh?
As for Halloween, we’re still going with the Spice Girls theme. I’m still Ginger Spice despite not being ginger. I picked up an oversized British flag t-shirt when I was in London especially for the occasion, so if I wear some shorts underneath it, that’ll do for my costume! I can’t wait to see the others though… Karen doing Crazy Spice will be something to see no doubt. Yes, I most certainly will include photos. That is guaranteed.
In other news, to continue the Parisian adventures, I’m going to the circus this weekend. It’s been quite a while since I last went to one and we were gifted tickets by the loveliest man who works here in the Irish Cultural Centre. Winning!
So between studies and circuses, Spice Girls and the Pitchfork Festival, we’ve more than enough to keep us entertained for the next few weeks.

I plan to take a few photos of the area I live in over the next while and put up a post so I’ll try get on that soonish!
Much love,
Sorcha x


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