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Casually grabbed the Channel Tunnel from Paris to London over the weekend. No big deal.

It was the first time I’d ever actually been in the city itself and didn’t really have any agenda for the weekend. I’ve always thought that was the best way to explore a city… in hindsight, that counts for most cities bar London. Top piece of advice anyone will tell you: Buy an Oyster Card. Now go forth and be happy.

Initially I’d planned on going to the markets and touring around Brick Lane, Shoreditch and the more alternative side of London, but given the weather that just didn’t work out as well as it should’ve. The markets of Brick Lane, although worth visiting, can be incredibly disappointing in the pouring rain. My heart printed umbrella barely managed to survive the ordeal so vintage clothes and jewellery were a no-go. There were a few indoor parts of the market that were worth visiting (so go check out every unsign posted door that’s open – we found food stalls and shelter and were incredibly appreciative of both!

The best market of

the weekend, hands down, was Borough Market. We had planned just to drop by after the Tate art gallery but we ended up spending all afternoon wandering around sampling everything from honeycomb to ginger cider. Both were incredible. When we got hungry we decided the only option was to buy the steak pies on display in one of the early stalls. It was one of those must-dos from spending a weekend in London… Do it. They’re delicious and fill you up for hours which makes the whole “markets on a wet day” experience so much more bearable.

Link to Borough Market:
Aside from attending markets, we also popped into a few vintage shops along Brick Lane. This whole mirror-fasting thing meant that my shopping ventures were rather limited… shops aren’t your friend when you want to avoid reflective surfaces. Everything is conveniently placed so that admiring yourself becomes incredibly easy. With one week or so left, I’m not giving up just yet! Eoin ended up making some excellent purchases though, so at least one of us could indulge in vintage shopping!

Getting a coffee between shops and markets…

The last highlight of the weekend was finally getting to tick seeing a West End musical off my list. We went early on Saturday afternoon to see could we get tickets and given that we’re both students, we found that the Apollo Victoria Theatre were more than happy to give us excellent seats for Wicked that evening for a student price. We were so happy. Genuinely. Happiness overload. We even bought a bucket of sweets for the show. That’s how happy we were…
It was amazing. No wonder they say it’s the best musical of the decade. Then again, they all say that. Another thing I noticed about London is how efficient their subway is at advertising musicals. In fact, all the ads in London just seem to be about musicals. I expected Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Dirty Dancing, Billy Elliot… but X Factor? There’s an X Factor musical? That really shouldn’t be a thing. Where is the need for that?? It’d nearly be cheaper and more entertaining to go to a live performance… at least then you’ve a chance of seeing yourself on television.
Anyway… London was a success. The Channel Tunnel was incredibly convenient and the markets were lovely to wander about. I had a great weekend!
Now I’m back home in Paris and well… the story continues.

Sorcha x


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