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It’s been a very long time coming, but I’ve finally taken a few minutes out to write a post about Accents – a wonderful little cafe located on Lower Stephen’s Street.

Aside from winning countless awards for their friendly staff and the likes, the thing that really makes Accents an excellent establishment is their hot chocolate. Being a non-coffee drinker, I’ve made it my business to find and bookmark places that do excellent alternatives and this place most certainly is one.
The novelty of the hot chocolate is mainly that you make it yourself. You’re given a cup of hot frothy milk and a bowl of chocolate buttons (dark, milk or white – I like to mix all three!) and you spoon them in and wait for them to melt. It’s absolutely delicious. You get to sit on bean bangs or large couches either upstairs or downstairs in the venue and play various board games as you wait for your drinks to arrive too – again, the sheer novelty of it all is impressive.
Needless to say, the people who work in Accents
are always lovely to talk to – each time we’ve gone, we’ve had excellent conversations with the staff about the best hot chocolate mix, the nicest cake to complement it, which cookies taste best… I love the place. Needless to say we’ve well worn out the loyalty card there at this stage, but occasionally they do deals with certain Dublin colleges about student discounts too. I found this out right before I headed off to Paris – such a thing was wasted on me. At least I’ll know for final year!

Another excellent thing about Accents is the events that they hold there. “A Musing” is the clever title they’ve put on their weekly poetry/comedy evenings and there’s meant to be the occasional jazz night there too.

It’s one of my favourite cafes in Dublin because of how homely and quirky the place is. It draws the attention of quite a few students (RCSI are just around the corner… In fairness, it was Eoin who introduced me to the place) as well as your everyday Dublin shopper looking for a quiet coffee.
Highlights of Accents:
  • Their hot chocolate. Obviously.
  • Their board games. I lost a game of Jenga once and nearly had to take a trip to Germany because of a lost bet. Be careful with those.
  • Their staff. Look at the photos above – their skill in the barista industry needs to be admired by all.
  • Their bean bags. When all the couches are gone, they’re a comfortable alternative.
  • Their comedy evenings… I laughed. A LOT. Maybe not at all the jokes, but certainly at the acts. Accents seems to attract the quirkiest of characters!
Sorcha x


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