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A few days ago I decided I’d head out for a jog around the Luxembourg Gardens. I hadn’t been out for a while (and certainly not in Paris) so I thought it’d be a great idea to roll out of bed and go for a run. Since I’m currently not looking at mirrors or wearing make-up (week one down, three to go!) I can only accurately assume that I looked even worse than I normally do in running gear, but on I went regardless.

I think fate is trying to reeeeaaaallllly test me at this mirror thing. I left the house and headed down to the gardens only to find that there was a photo shoot on, no doubt somehow connected to the events of Paris Fashion Week from the days before hand. I thought I’d missed it all – I thought I’d be spared the chance encounter. Apparently not.
I ended up jogging, red-faced with my hair scrawled back, past beautifully dressed models and photographers alike. In these kind of moments, I’ve learnt to develop a coping mechanism before embarrassment kicks in. I call it my “What would Bridget Jones do?” reflex. It’s come in a lot of use recently (something which I’m not afraid to admit) and in this case, I managed to run right on past the shoot and not look like I was dying and about to collapse until I turned the corner and was out of sight at least.
I think once you survive jogging past a group of models after a week of mirror-abstinence, nights out and general socialising without make-up seem like minor hurdles in comparison.
In other news, I’ve finally made it up to the top of the Eiffel Tower! A few of us have decided that Fridays are our new culture days and that each week we’ll do something new and suitably cultural around Paris. Yesterday it was la Tour Eiffel itself. I had assumed we’d be getting the lift but nope – the queue was insanely long and so the stairs, a virtually queue less entrance, was our only real option.
There’s 669 steps up to the stop of the Eiffel Tower. I thought I’d die but by some miracle, I actually found it okay. I think maybe God wanted to cut me some slack after that models in the Luxembourg Gardens episode because I felt completely fine all the way up. And as for the view from the top… it was exceptional. We landed up around 6pm and so got to see the tower’s sights just before the sun went down. We then proceeded to get the lift to the very top and watch the sun setting over Paris from there. Again – the view was incredible. Living in Paris is just as fairytale fabulous as it sounds and it’s moments like watching the sun set from the Eiffel Tower that reaffirm how right my decision to come here was. I’m in such awe of the place and I’ve a whole year to discover it all.
The only downside to the Eiffel Tower, and even so it’s only a personal point, is that I found out on the way up that I’m actually quite scared of heights. I could appreciate how safe we were and know I was being irrational, but something about climbing so high up felt unnerving. No doubt if I go up there a few more times I’ll be cured of such a fear, but it was news to me nonetheless. Thought I’d just keep you posted 🙂
Aside from Parisian models and the Eiffel Tower, we’ve more celebrations on tonight – the Nuit Blanche. In brief, it’s a night in Paris where the museums, the metros, the main cultural points in Paris – they all stay open all night. I can’t wait! There’ll be fireworks, DJs on the Seine, pre-drinks before Musee D’Orsay, parties and gatherings all over Paris… and it’s all free. I wish Dublin would do something as epic as this. I’ll keep you posted on how the whole thing turns out!
Sorcha x


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