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Being in Paris, I obviously can’t see my friends until I come home at Christmas. I miss them a ridiculous amount. I’m an incredibly lucky person to have the friends that I do – I know that. So as my way of showing appreciation for them, I’ve decided I’m going to write little blog notes to them. I’m starting it off with this one!


This is a photo of one of my best friends Alan and I. Alan has been my friend for about seven years now (not to mention the fact that we grew up doors down from each other) and I absolutely adore this man. We met through our local youth club, the Loft, and spent a large part of our early/mid -teens sitting on couches/benches/steps/in random parks/ anywhere really contemplating all that was unbelievably important to us at the time.

Looking back on it now, we spent hours deliberating over things that didn’t matter much in the long run… though they all make for great memories.

The things I like most about Alan:

  • Alan is an incredibly observant man. He takes in scenarios, problems, general scandal, etc and somehow manages to sum the whole thing up in one very sarcastic but witty comment. As much as I pretend to discourage his blunt commentary on fashion, celebrities and the occasional local, sometimes it’s impossible not to laugh.
  • Alan is an excellent listener. He’s also completely honest. If you need to hear something, he’ll say it and he’ll do so in the most tactful way possible.
  • Alan has an excellent sense of fashion.
  • He is incredibly creative and any time I’ve a new project in mind, he jumps right in there and adds ideas that sync right in with my own
  • How ridiculously laid back he is about everything.
  • We both like cake.
  • We both like tea.
  • We both laugh at Claire a lot.
  • Alan doesn’t do anything by halves. It’s all or nothing. Most of the time it’s all. And even then, it’s always alcohol related.
  • Not just any alcohol – cocktails. With 95% vodka.
Things Alan is excellent for:
  • Presenting – Radio, Television.. anything really.
  • Photography.
  • Getting the latest news on everything.
  • Long conversations
  • His Harry Potter Society. I know nobody bar Alan who just decides to set up a society and does so.
  • Cake-making.
  • Cocktail -making
  • Throwing dinner parties
  • Little snippets of wisdom.


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