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Paris is excellent.
French administration however most certainly isn’t.

Since I’ve landed here I’ve had nothing but wonderful times in the Centre Culturel Irlandais and I’ve grown very comfortable with living here. I finally got a chance to see Nanterre too – I’m now officially a registered student! I’ve the card and library access to prove it. That said, trying to sort out modules, classes, timetables, grants and accounts is beyond ridiculous here. I had heard jokes about how bad French administration is but it really does take the cake when you find yourself having to be put through the nightmarish process. There just seems to be forms for everything. EVERYTHING.
Rob tried to go and buy a French mobile – a typical cheap and cheerful Nokia or “Blokia” as he so affectionately calls it – and found that he needed his passport to do so. Georgina wanted to go for a swim in the local pool the last day and needed proof of residence (“attestation de domicile”) in Paris as well as written proof that she studies here (her “attestation de scolarite”). How do French people get anything done when that much red tape surrounds even the most basic of things??? I’m so baffled by it all. Trying to wade through it just in order to get settled here is just so tiring too. Know what’s standing in the way of me sorting my CAF forms out? My birth cert. Apparently they’ll only accept one that was issued in the past three months! I’m definitely missing something here. Was the first time round not good enough? Is there some updated version that I wasn’t informed about? I guess it’s just the French being French.
I’ll let you know how Nanterre and university over here goes once I get all this paperwork sorted out. Meanwhile, follow my mirror and make-up -fast. I’m a day in and already finding myself awkwardly avoiding reflective surfaces – my laptop and video chat/snapchat being prime obstacles. I didn’t realise how often a person quickly glances at themselves throughout the day.. And now I’ve all this to avoid for the next 30 days. I’ll do my very best!
I’m off to sleep now so that I’ll be somewhat fresh for lectures tomorrow. Goodnight!
Sorcha x


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