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My name is Sorcha Cusack and I pledge to completely and utterly avoid mirrors in all shapes and forms for the next 30 days. I solemnly swear that I will walk away from any form of reflective surface and on top of that, I’ll do it all make-up-less too. I’ll socialise, I’ll go to parties, I’ll go to all events and pose for photos without one single notion of whether I look presentable or not.This is the beginning of my story and my quest to find out just how important my image is to me. I want to use this month as my own little experiment with myself in the starring role as chief guinea pig.
Over these next 30 days I want to figure out if I can build up a new body image of myself that consists of more than what any magazine, shop, or trend tells me. I want to show how self-acceptance shouldn’t have to be something you wake up in the mornings trying to brush out and create. We’ve always been told by self-help gurus that confidence comes from more than anything contained in bottles or lipstick tubes and well… I guess there’s only one way to find out.
Yes, I know how crazy this whole idea sounds. Yes, I think it’s taking things to the extreme. And yes – I’m doing it anyway.
 I, Sorcha Cusack, no longer wish to be controlled by a mirror.
So, without further adieu, challenge accepted.
Sorcha x


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