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I went glamping again!

This time we took a little trip to the Wildflower Glampsite in Cavan before I headed off to Paris. We had seen a deal online for the place and couldn’t resist adding more one glamping trip to our summer of 2013!

Granted, Cavan can’t be compared to Portugal, we still were incredibly lucky with the sun that we managed to get during our stay. It was perfect for taking little walks in the nearby forest (where we got very lost) or even for walking through Cavan town itself.

To be honest we didn’t spend much time around Cavan except for eating in its restaurants and cafes. It must be said, The Oak Room serves an excellent dinner and Zebra Cafe is handy for breakfast should a person be looking for a large hot chocolate, pancakes and Wifi.

So as I was saying, we didn’t hang around Cavan much. It’s a nice town, but we were much happier to head off in the car to Fermanagh. It had excellent viewpoints and wasn’t too much of a stretch from the Wildflower glampsite, so it seemed like a good plan and one which I definitely stand by.

Eoin and I went to the caves and ended up being the only two people on the tour but even so, it was far better than I’d expected. I’ll admit that touring cafes seemed more like a class trip than a couples outing, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll admit it – I was proved wrong.

We were given the tour by one of the guides and I got to brush up on some old Jr Cert geography knowledge along the way. Knowing that my three years of studying about stalactites and stalagmites wasn’t completely wasted on me was a plus to the afternoon too!

So as for the glampsite, it was a small but very cute venue and the owners of the site were brilliant – they upgraded is twofold to a yurt when all along we had expected to be staying in their small safari tent! That made the trip so much more worthwhile.

The yurt (as you can see from the photos) was more than big enough for the two of us and had such a lovely interior. It came complete with our own kitchen facilities and stove… that was one of the best parts. We landed in an evening, filled the sink with shop-bought ice and used it as a cooler for our drinks as we sat near the fire and chilled for the evening. With the fire, the candles and the drinks, it was so wonderfully atmospheric.

Outside of the yurt, there was a communal camp fire area but it was too wet to risk lighting it and we weren’t that bothered in trying given how cosy and content we were with the stove in the yurt.
Near the camp fire there was an indoor hangout area with candles and picnic benches which I imagine would be great in the summer for families or even socialising if there was a group about. Given the time of year we went, we were few on the site and so pretty much kept to ourselves. Still, the place had potential.

Overall, the glampsite was excellent. The management were incredibly helpful with ideas and advice for trips and things to do and the nearby area was ideal for a quiet few nights away. Cavan town iteself is more of a pub and restaurant scene than anything else, but as I said, there’s plenty sights to be seen if a person is willing to drive a bit to get there!

We had a great trip at the Wildflower Glampsite in Cavan – If a person was looking to visit the area or have a relaxing few nights in a not-so-typical venue, then it’s ideal. It’s quirky, it’s well run and it’s exactly what we wanted to get out of our weekend there. I’d very much recommend it as a Cavan highlight!

Sorcha x


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