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I’ve finally landed in the Centre Culturel Irlandais here in Paris and I think it’s a wonderful little place! I’ve been here just a day and I already feel thoroughly settled.

My bedroom overlooks the courtyard and from time to time concerts and poetry readings are held out there…You can imagine how delighted I was when I arrived and heard that! Residents here get free access to the exhibitions and shows and we can even volunteer to help out if we so wish. Yes, yes I am very happy here. This place has my name written all over it!

We spent last night drinking rosé across from the Notre Dame cathedral on the banks of the Seine. It’s just a few little streets down from where we’re living too which is an added bonus. The area in general looks like a Parisian Templebar which in itself pleases me greatly. It’s as idyllic as I’ve always pictured living in Paris would be. Last night, as we popped our sparkling wines and drank to the year ahead, we heard musicians playing somewhere behind us and watched as boats crossed every now and again.

Expectations have been reached and surpassed.

Paris, je t’aime.

Sorcha x.

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