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Kelly lives on Camden Street. One morning last week we found ourselves breakfast-less before college and decided to head a few doors down to visit The Cake Cafe – a little cafe hidden behind the stationary shop of the Daintree building.

It was a place marked on my “To-do” list for quite a while and since I’m heading off to Paris soon I felt it was about time we visited the Cake Cafe to see all that it had to offer!
It makes an incredible first impression. We took a quick trip through the paper shop (passing by an abundance of quirky bunting and stationary) only to find ourselves in a small courtyard full of quaint tables and a wooden shelter decorated with broken discs, piano keys and bamboo.
The cafe is to the left of the courtyard. Although a tad cramped, the place was an instant hit with both Kelly and I. You’d easily forgive the lack of space due to the amount of people there – if I were local, I’d have cake there all the time. It’d be a breakfast must-do once a week at least.

Look at my peaches and pancakes! So yum!

Kelly ordered the porridge and I had the cream cheese pancakes.

Since I’m not a fan of coffee, I asked the waitress how decadent the “Extra rich” hot chocolate genuinely was. She hesitated. I knew then it was for me.

Regardless of being there for breakfast, I needed to try it. Yes, it was amazing. No, I regret nothing.

Our tea and hot chocolate came in china teacups (as expected) accompanied by a big old-fashioned teapot. We watched the rain through the cafe glass front and contemplated trying the many different cakes on display behind the counter. The Cake Cafe seems like a place where a person could go in all kinds of vintage dresses and not look one bit out of place. You could go there in tweed and read newspapers all day and feel right at home. In fact, I recommend it.

Visiting the Cake Cafe made me incredibly jealous of Kelly’s new apartment on Camden Street. She’s a stone stroke from so many quirky little shops and cafes. Maybe when I’m home from Paris I’ll check out a new home in town. Oh the possibilities….

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