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After a ridiculously long stint of travelling, I finally made it back home in one piece. I’ve been living happily ever since.

Let me tell you a little story about my time here at home…
Without going into too much detail, it took me 25 hours of travelling (with very little sleep!) before I made it back into my own bed at home here in Donegal. Paris to Dublin is a two hour flight. Naturally I didn’t think that it would involve so much waiting around, bus transfers, metros, early starts and lugging suitcases about. It was one of those journeys that I never EVER want to repeat. We’ll draw the line in the sand there and leave such an episode as a terrible reminder as to why one should never fly Beauvais. What have I learnt? Every flight between now and summer will leave from/ fly into Charles de Gaulle. I’ve made few decisions in life so certain.
Since I’ve been back though, things have been absolutely excellent. I came home, recovered from my travelling traumas and headed straight for the Greenroom to have drinks with friends. There is something so satisfying about that first glass of Bulmers shared with friends after a long stint away. It feels almost as homely as curling up into my own bed – it’s the little things like that which had me so ready to leave Disney. I got to see everyone I had missed, catch up on everything I had missed (which I still put down to the bad internet and not just distance) and settle back into the routine we had created ever before I had left.

It’s such a comfort to know that no matter how far I head off, everyone will be exactly the same when I come home. I love them all because of it.
After a week of being home, I came back to Dublin to visit everyone up there and have more hot chocolate catch ups again before heading back to Paris. It was an unbelievable week. Not only did I get to see everyone I wanted to see, but I was also introduced to the amazing Cake Cafe, Vintage Cocktail Club and Dal Makhani. Each are so excellent that they’ll get a post each. Til then I’ll just say that I was very grateful to have been shown all three. They were definitely highlights of the week!
So Dublin meant that I had lunches and cupcakes, drinks and tapas, noodles and ice cream all at various stages of my week. You know what I’m like. I was in a sugar heaven. It was sad leaving UCD and everyone at the L&H for another year, but it was great seeing how much has improved over the summer there. The law building in UCD will be brand new and waiting for when I’m home once again and as for the L&H… well, barely two weeks into term and the new committee has already proved how capable they are at running the society. It made me so nostalgic and incredibly proud to see how well the new term is shaping up for the L&H. I know that they’ll fill all big boots left over from the 158th session and have an absolute ball doing so. They deserve every bit of their success too. You show ’em, 159.
Anyway, Dublin aside, I’m finishing off my final days in Ireland back here in Letterkenny with a day or two in Cavan (of all places…).
Look! It’s my best friend Claire!
Claire had her 21st there over the weekend – I’m still recovering from it. It was such a wonderful night all round. Bohemian themed, I decided to put on every ring and bangle I could find while putting flowers in my hair and glitter on my arms. Not that we ever need an excuse for such activities, but it helps.
Claire went above and beyond in regard to detail – look at the photos I stole from her. Doesn’t the place look epic?
She had bunting and fairy lights everywhere. There were fireworks and macaroons and so much cake that I went into sugar overload. We had cocktails in jam jars and strawberries covered in chocolate made straight from her chocolate fountain. The cupcakes were chocolate frosted and served in teacups. There were little pinstriped bags of love hearts and cola bottles and skittles divided by colour in various jars about the house. She even had a bubble machine and bubble wands for the use of all the guests. That woman never ceases to amaze me with her ability to create happiness in all it’s vintage sugar-coated glory. Her 21st birthday was a testimony not just to Claire, but to everything that makes her the brilliant woman that she is. She was very much in her element that night. We all were. Coming from someone who has worked in Disney, I’d nearly go so far as to say that it was magical.
So now I’m currently spending a few days packing (winter clothes this time) for Paris and getting ready to head off glamping in Cavan before the weekend. A few days away right before the end seems like a perfect way to finish my trip back. It’s been a wonderful few weeks and now that I’ve had time to sit back and relax after my stint in Disney, I think I might just be ready to head back to Frenchland once again.
Sorcha x


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