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I’ve finally a chance to sit down and blog again! This makes me very happy indeed.

As is obvious from the title of this blog, I’m nearing the end of my time here in Disney. I’ve less than three weeks left in my contract and I know the whole thing is going to fly in. In some ways it can’t come quickly enough… I can’t tell if I genuinely think these three weeks are going to fly or if I’m just hoping for as much.

I’ve loved the people and the park itself (Disney is such an amazing place and ideal for a part time job) but once you take away the frills, I’ve just spent yet another summer waitressing. As far as waitressing jobs go, it’s an epic one to have, but the hours still feel as long and tiring as all other restaurant work.
I feel like I’m coming home to have a holiday – like my time here has just been so work-orientated that I haven’t had a real chance to relax. The days off are unbelievable – today I went to the park and ate copious amounts of ice cream while waiting in line for the Tower of Terror (You’d be amazed or appalled by how much ice cream I’ve eaten since landing here. I only wish I was joking) but that said, nobody wants to spend the majority of their weeks waiting for their day or two off. It dulls the entire summer work experience.

In other news, Disney gave me my Passe En Scene! I’m thrilled – it means I can take six people into the park. I can’t wait for my next day off to bring Karen, Tomas and Brian in with me. Half the fun of working in a place like Disney is being able to share the benefits with friends and I’m so delighted that they’re all around for me to do just that! It’s going to be one of my highlights before leaving Disney and a lovely send off to the place when the time comes.

Also! I’m going glamping in September! It’ll be more local this time, we’re going to Cavan instead of Portugal. Not half as attractive a location, but I’m sure we’ll enjoy it nonetheless. It’s only for a weekend and it’s just because we wanted a brief trip away, but it’s yet another thing to look forward to. It was hilarious looking up Tripadvisor for information on things to do in Cavan though. They claimed that Cavan only had five attractions. Five. That doesn’t leave much choice at all. That said, there’s meant to be an epic spa in the place, so if we get bored or need a break from the Cavan countryside, we’ll just spend our weekend there. I’ve also heard there’s some good woodland walks in the place, so once we’ve a picnic and a bottle of wine around, we’ll be happy. (I say we, I blatantly just mean myself. I’ll be happy with picnic and wine. I’ll always be happy with picnic and wine. Key point to remember should anyone ever wish to keep me content!)

Aside from glamping and Disney, I’ve also had a few more trips in and out of the city. Paris is so wonderful at night – it’s the kind of thing you need to see (again, bottles of wine are actively encouraged when undergoing this activity) to understand. It’s got such an amazing atmosphere. Everyone is so relaxed and so up for lazying around on the grass or by canals with a drink. The evenings are so warm here that it’s pleasant to do so too. As I write this I’m sitting perched on my balcony yet again, so that’s proof in itself. Nobody’s home at the minute and Boiserie is it’s typical quiet self for a Sunday night so it’s actually the perfect spot for blogging.

So as I was saying, I’ve been heading in and out of Paris. First I went in after work when Eoin was around, then I went in to visit the Louvre and then see Karen. Yesterday I ticked the Louvre off the list. Well, I ticked part of it off the list. I saw the Mona Lisa – La Jaconde – at least! I had no idea how completely massive the place was, so when I landed in, I felt very out of my depth. I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent the first hour of my time there trying to find my way back to the Renaissance art – I’d gotten incredibly lost somewhere between the Egyptian artefacts and Roman sculptures. It took far too long for me to get myself back on track. Far too long. I’ll not dwell on the subject.

Anyway, I’ve decided that after yesterday’s episode, I’m going to take the Louvre in bits and pieces. Being under 25 (we’re allowed in free) and living in Paris for a year affords me the luxury of being able to do so and I fully intend on making the most of it.

I also had drinks with Karen and Brian yesterday evening too – that was so lovely. It’s a shame all three of us have been living here for over forty days and yet have only met up altogether once. We’ve the rest of the year to fix that of course 🙂

I’m going to leave this post at that – I’m terrified that the internet is going to go (nothing new there..) and none of this seems to be saving. Did I mention that it’s because of the internet and the internet alone that caused my ten day delay in writing anything in this blog? I haven’t even added photos from Eoin’s trip, so I’ve added a few to this post to brighten it up a bit!

Sorcha x


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