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Today marked the half way point of my contract here in Disney. I had the day off, so I headed in just to grab my payslip and check my hours while I was there (I’m in at 9:30am tomorrow.. I knew the 12pms weren’t going to last).

It’s only this past week that I realised how comfortable I’d become with working in the kiosks at Walt Disney Studios and how much I’ve grown attached to the place. I think once you shed the newbie front of not knowing where everything goes and how everything works that you start to enjoy the job and actually get to see the benefits not just from the days off at Disney but from the job itself too.

A few days ago I found out that I was to be transferred right back to Bella Notte once the month was up, something which I wasn’t at all looking forward to. Come July 31st, I was due to leave the kiosks and head right back to where I’d started as a newbie learning the restaurant ropes at Disney. You can imagine my reaction when I finally saw my name in print on the staff boards and a massive BLANK/TRANSFER written beside it. Unhappy Sorcha ensued.

 For me, learning the ropes in the Kiosks wasn’t easy (especially given that it was all through French, ALL of it) but now that I had it covered, I genuinely didn’t want to start all over again with somewhere new. I had been here a month and already had one transfer to deal with – at this stage I’m well settled into the kiosks and into a routine of work and aside from everything else, I didn’t want to leave the friends I’ve just made. Being the new person, no matter what job you’re in, no matter what restaurant, language, etc – it’s never ever a fun experience. You mess up so much. You have countless price lists to learn. You have product ingredients to figure out and tills to operate.

 You use the “I’m new here. It’s my first day. Please don’t get angry” excuse at every turn about. A person should only have to go through that once per job or at least, should there have to be transfers, not on a monthly basis. It’s too tiring. And frustrating. Besides, it’s stage but it’s not theatre… there shouldn’t be that many costume changes.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I have the loveliest of managers. That, and some luck. My last day at the kiosks corresponded with the first day of five new Disney recruits, all who needed to be trained into the place. A few phone calls and a compromise or two later, I get to stay at the kiosks as someone volunteers to leave in my place. It was a win for all involved and I’m very grateful for such.

I’m working early tomorrow, so I’m off to sleep. I’ve a few more Parisian updates pending, so I’ll do that as soon as I get a chance!


Sorcha x


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