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It was only this morning when I was going through posts that I realised I’d completely left out everything that I had gotten up to with my time off before Paris.

There’s quite the gap in leaving blog posts and that’s because I spent the first month of summer getting up to all sorts of mini adventures and didn’t have time to write about them. I’ll try and fix that now 🙂

Firstly, I was in Portugal. I skimmed over that fact in earlier posts, but I haven’t actually done the holiday we had justice at all on this thing.

We went glamping in a small place in the south of Portugal called Tipi Algarve. It was a quaint home-grown camp site owned by the loveliest English couple – Sam and Calvin – and they had spent several years building on to their land to make it the perfect little spot for quiet sun holidays.

There was a small pool, a lounge area (complete with hammocks and sun chairs – see the photo of Eoin and his beer), a bar and several private Tipis which, for such a wonderfully small campsite, still gave plenty privacy and space for each of the guests.

We absolutely loved it. We had no real agenda for Portugal except for relaxing and soaking up the sun so the place was ideal for us. We went to the beach on a near daily basis, wandered through small towns around the Algarve in the evenings and picked various little restaurants to eat out in. I hadn’t realised just how large the English community is over there which ended up being incredibly beneficial for us. Everywhere we went we seemed to bump into a British local who knew where the best haunts were or how to see the best views of the place. Once we ended up getting lost up a mountain – the views (not just when we found our way to the top but also along the way) made the road trip in an overly stuffy car more than worthwhile.

We had rented a car for the holiday, a must-do for getting around the middle of no where in Portugal (we saw a bus stop near the campsite but not once did we see any buses) and because of that we could go explore pretty much wherever we wanted. The only downside to the holiday was, for me at least, was the mosquitoes. We’d forgotten repellent the first night we arrived and went to sleep thinking nothing of it. I woke up the next day to find that I had bites everywhere. EVERYWHERE. See the photo. I kid you not. I looked like I had chicken pox and it certainly felt like it. I couldn’t stop itching for the entire holiday and as a result, I still have marks from where the bites were. It was truly awful. I had to cover myself in cream from that day onwards and got incredibly paranoid any time I saw any kind of flying insect… It wasn’t even until one of our final nights that we realised Calvin and Sam had mosquito nets. Sickened doesn’t begin to cover it.

Overall, Portugal was a brilliant holiday – we had the best of times doing absolutely nothing. Would I recommend it? Definitely, as long as you’re looking for nothing to do and have no real intention of getting up to much. It’s the perfect sun holiday destination. It was for us anyway 🙂

And on a final note, wear glasses whilst at the beach. Getting sand in your eyes ruins any fun one might possibly intend on having. We thought we were in for the perfect romantic walk on the beach one night, yet barely two seconds there and I get a sand grain stuck in my eye. It stayed there for about 40 mins (we had to just abandon the beach idea and come home) and was the most agonising thing to have to endure. For just a single grain, it caused me so much hassle. Eoin eventually had to use a damp tissue to get it out – I looked such a mess because of it. Between that and the mosquito bites, I’m surprised I came home in one piece at all, but still – I stand by what I said – Portugal was epic.

Sorcha x.

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