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It’s nearly 12 pm and I’m still lounging about the kitchen. I’m just after having breakfast out on the balcony and the only things I have to figure out for today are timetables for the train to Paris tomorrow and when I intend on heading into the park later today.

I finally have my days off. I didn’t have to get up ridiculously early today and I don’t have anywhere to be til Sunday, Bastille Day. These days of repose couldn’t have come soon enough – I feel like I’ve been on the go non-stop for the past fortnight. Then again, I always feel like a deserve a lie-in. Nothing new there.

Initially I was scheduled to have no day off (there was a mix up with the timetables at work – they thought I’d already gotten my break when I most certainly hadn’t) but thankfully the managers at Walt Disney Studios are lovely and slotted me in for having free days before the weekend. Usually getting weekends off in Disney is unheard of, but I think the Kiosks crew have some sort of system in place where everyone gets at least one Saturday and/or Sunday off every now and again. It doesn’t make that much difference to me on a larger scale of things, but having this Saturday off means that I can go visit Karen in Paris. I can’t wait. Genuinely. This catch-up has been very, VERY long overdue. Plus Paris is only 40 mins away from Disney by train and even then, the Navigo passes means it’ll cost me all of 4 euro to go midweek, or free at weekends as part of their summer deals for pass-holders. I’m winning all round really.

In other news, I’ve discovered two parks near the house I’m staying in that are perfect for walks! One has a large pond with ducks, the other stretches for miles and is based around a forestry. They’re cute. In the first there’s the odd bench around it and if you go late afternoon, you’ll see an old man perched at the top of the pond with a fishing rod. I have my doubts as to whether there’s much fish in the thing because I’ve never seen him catch anything nor have I seen any signs saying the place is suitable for such. The fact that he’s the only person who ever tries to fish there (well, from what I’ve seen) makes me think that he knows it’s not a fishing haunt and doesn’t care much. He seems happy anyway.

I’ve also booked places for the Cast Member’s screening of the Monsters University film! They’re screening it for Disneyland staff in the park next weekend. I haven’t seen it at all yet, so I might as well make the most of this! Some of my friends from work are planning on coming too, as is Eoin (who speaks no French) so that’s another thing to look forward to. I haven’t been inside that cinema yet either which means that’ll be another thing ticked off the list!

Sorcha x.

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