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My first week of Disney is done! I’ve very little progress to report – I’m actually worse off than I was a few days ago. I went from being settled in a job, set with a costume, fully trained and a having a good knowledge of my timetable to knowing very little out of all of the above.

Sorry in advance if my explanation becomes a bit of a rant…

Right, well today I worked all day in a kiosk. It’s not exactly the most complex of jobs – it’s just a whole day of serving ice creams and drinks to people out in the sun. That said, the amount of hassle I’ve had trying to figure out where in the park I’m actually meant to be has proved that even the most simplistic of jobs at Disney have their moments of stress…

To cut a long rant short, I landed (in full costume) to Bella Notte yesterday morning only to be told that I’d been transferred for the day to a kiosk in the Walt Disney Studios. That’s the height of the information they gave me.

I had never set foot in the Studios before, I had no idea what costume I had to wear and I was fairly sure there’d be more than one kiosk in the place. She said there’d be no need to change and that it’d all become obvious once I landed. She was a tad too optimisitc about the whole thing, so I suspected she was lying. Remember all I said about no longer trusting the nice ones? I was right. I landed in the Studios dressed entirely inappropriately, looking more lost than any of the children we’d left in Babycare. There was way more than one kiosk. Definitely at least a million. I feel entitled to exaggerate.  Not only that, but nothing became obvious. Nothing at all. ALL of the stress ensued.

Picture me, wandering about clueless, looking for a random kiosk having zero idea who I was meant to be talking to or where it was I was due to be. I looked ridiculous. And confused. And out of place. And undoubtedly incredibly frustrated.

So eventually I find the place – a small door tucked between two of the studios – and I land into a team talk and tried to explain what I was doing there and why I was dressed completely inappropriately. Eventually they told me that I could work on the Terrace Perrier for the day but that I’d have to run back to the Imagination building and change clothes first. I knew she’d be wrong about that too.

After all this running back and forth, I finally get my costume and get to work on the Terrace all day. It was so so so hot, even for the French. I know my tolerance of the sun isn’t great, so I now measure heat based on the actions of others. When the Spanish start fanning themselves, you know you’re in for a long day ahead. The Spanish started ordering bottles of water and ice creams around 2pm. That was the warning sign. Enough said.

Anyway, my day finished around 8pm and as I said in my earlier post, I was absolutely shattered. My feet were so sore that I took babysteps all the way to the bus stop. They were still aching when I went to bed too… It was SUCH a tough day. But worth it, obviously. It is still Disney after all, and it is most certainly still epic. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t prepared for a long day out in the sun or maybe it was all that running around and chaos from the start of the shift, but overall it was a day I was glad to see the end of. Til today when I was told to go to Bella Notte (again) and landed in my costume (again) and was sent to the Studios (AGAIN.)

It was significantly easier this time round, but I still wasn’t too happy about all this transferring I’ve been doing. I found out at least that from now on, I’m on the kiosks permanently. That’s ultimately a great thing – sun, easy work, more responsibility – had it been under another circumstance I’d take it as my preference. It’s not exact;y waitressing though, but I can easily deal with that. All I need now is my timetable and to learn all the little things that come with the job before I’m happy with the move. It’s so annoying having been trained into one place and never really getting to put that to use.

Give it a few days. I’ll figure it out and all will be right with the world once again!


PS) I had the most amazing brownie for lunch today. I was eating lunch by myself (a downside to the kiosk job – you’re by yourself so often) and then I found out that there’s a staff BBQ tomorrow for all who work at the Studios. YAY!


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