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I can honestly say that my 21st was my best birthday by far. I’m also quite sure that I’m going to have fond memories of it for the rest of my life – a very happy day was had by all, especially me. I’ve never felt so flattered, loved and indeed grateful for having the friends and family that I do. It was incredible. I doubt I’ll ever forget how excellent it was to know that everyone present was there to celebrate my 21 years of life – to be there for me and for my birthday. It really struck home just how lucky an individual I am.
Due to exams, I had very little participation in the whole thing and so left it entirely up to my family to come up with something that fell right into the “Sorchaish” category. It was to be a reflection of me and they undoubtedly exceeded any expectation I possibly could have had. The decorations, the theme, the tea cups and glass jars, the candles – the balloons – everything was so fantastic. It was perfect. I couldn’t have done a better job myself had I tried, and everyone knows how much I love attention to detail. They certainly proved just how right they could get it.
My family had spent weeks gathering baby photos and washing out empty glass jars for the occasion but more impressive than that, they had spent weeks collecting video messages from friends and family all over the country so that I’d have a video keepsake from my birthday. They then proceeded to show it on a projector before my birthday cake came out. I loved it. I absolutely loved it all. 🙂 (Note: See my video a few posts previous to this one!)
I knew that a lot of effort was being put into the party, but I was flattered by the sheer volume of work people went to in order to make my 21st the memorable occasion that it was. Most of my friends travelled from Dublin, Galway and even Glasgow to attend, not to mention all my local crowd making an appearance… (A significantly bigger deal than you’d think given how many of them have summer plans involving travel and jetting off to all kinds of exotic places). I know well just how long a journey everyone travelled just to be here, so I definitely appreciated the extent they went to attend. I was flattered. Humbled even. I know that sounds cheesy, but after my 21st I’ve an greater appreciation for all my friends and family  – I can’t stress enough just how lucky I am. I don’t know what I did to deserve the epic epic people that found their way into my life, but I promise I’ll always be grateful for it.
Over the past few years I’ve come to realise that the reason I like birthdays so much (and I suppose the reason I always want to have everyone come celebrate them with me) is because it’s the perfect occasion to get everyone you love in one place. Life doesn’t really give you that many opportunities to have all your nearest and dearest in one room, so I feel the need to make the most of it while I can. I think it was made that little bit sweeter knowing that my class – my Law with French Law/Maitrise group – were all there together. We’re off to Paris next year and less than half of us are coming back, so this was like a final send off as well as a birthday party. It was so lovely to host them all up in Donegal, especially given that it’s not too likely they’ll all be back here in one go too soon again! 
A few years ago, I realised that friendship is one of the most important assets a person has. It’s the kinda thing I do try and keep in mind and my birthday was a complete testimony to this.  These guys – these crazy, random, outright bizarre individuals – were mine. And I’m keeping them. I’ve been friends with most of them for years and at this stage, that’s written in stone. I have friends from home (and I guess now from all over the country) that I know will be there for good. These past few years have shown me that I don’t need to constantly be in contact or be messaging people for them to remain my closest friends. It doesn’t matter if we don’t know the ins and outs of each others’ lives…. That changes nothing between us all.

It’s a really great feeling knowing that the people I shared my 16th with were there for my 21st and were still just as near and dear to me. I have no doubt they’ll be there for my 30th and 40th too. It’s something I’m counting on.
Right…. I’ll try refrain from the cheesy “I love my friends” posts for a bit. I’m pretty sure that’s all I’ve bothered to write about this week. I may try and vlog around my (real) birthday next week. Yes, I’m celebrating my 21st all over again in seven days or so. My dad is going to be home and since Caoimhe’s birthday is just a few days afterwards, we’ll make it a collective celebration. I’m saving champagne for it 🙂
Sorcha x


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