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Saturday at 5pm, I finished 2nd year. Well, I hope I finished 2nd year. At least, I’m pretty sure that I finished 2nd year. Exam results aren’t out til June. We’ll assume that I passed until proven otherwise…

Anyway, that’s what my past few weeks have been taken up with – exams. Only having six which were reasonably spread out, I guess I was quite lucky compared to some of my friends who had them all in a row or indeed those who still aren’t finished. The trek of May for students everywhere is something that I conveniently forget about annually until April rolls around and I realise that all fun is gone out the window for a month or so. And, true to form, May certainly proved as much.
I came home for a few days of study week, but the rest was pretty much spent cramming with Karen. All enjoyment of being home was sucked out by exams and filling my suitcase with nothing but law books and hoodies. To add insult to injury, not only was I going home and not seeing my friends, I was leaving sunny Dublin to do so. I spent study week with a hot water bottle while everyone else back up in UCD were taking study breaks by the lake. I was not one bit happy with the predicament that I found myself in. Worse than making me skip all things fun in life is making me skip it and making me cold as I do so.
As for exam preparation, we had learnt our lesson after the stress of Christmas exams and had decided to start early enough this time round. We had thankfully copped on enough to take good notes from the lectures, so it wasn’t bad at all. Without going into too much exam detail, all were fine, reasonable papers, I was happy. I finished on Saturday – the last day of exams for UCD and typically enough mine was not only on the last day but the last exam overall. Thanks UCD. Greatly appreciated. Love you too.
Finishing wasn’t even a relief – I had to run home and finish packing up Sandymount for the big move out. Most of my worldly goods have been left at Karen’s for safekeeping given my speedy return to Donegal, but there was still some amount of cleaning and last minute moving about to do. I know we’re half glad to see the end of the place, but I genuinely think I’ll miss it too. It served us well for the past year – we had great movie nights, tea sessions, parties, soirées, walks and beach trips from Sandymount and even though the place was incredibly cold and thrown together, I still loved living there. It was ultimately an experience I don’t regret but nonetheless one which I won’t repeat. That said, I’ll definitely miss living with Conor and Jack. Jack’s off in America now and Conor is spending his summer working up in the capital. I’ll miss the random movie nights and flawed philosophical quotes they produced on a near daily basis. I’ll miss our little Sandymount family.
I was meant to add a few photos from the exam period to this post but DropBox is acting up so I’m afraid I’ll cut this short til I’ve time to edit it.
I’ve a birthday post coming up, so I’ll do that during the week!
Sorcha x


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