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View from the glen – such a picturesque place.

Casually standing by a rock at the foot of Errigal

The weekend was one filled with travelling. Friday evening Eoin and I grabbed a late(ish) bus back to Letterkenny so that we’d make it back to Donegal at a reasonably sociable hour and still make it to our lectures that day.

Our reason for travelling up was because my wonderful little god-daughter Aoibhe was turning two and was having a little party to celebrate it. The sheer cuteness of it all was great 🙂 I was especially envious of the birthday cake she had – check out the photos.

Is this cake not amazing??



Entering the gaeltacht area of Donegal…

Meanwhile, though our primary reason for coming up was the birthday party, we also managed to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing out in the Poison Glen too. I was only sorry our trip had to be so short – there’s so much I would’ve loved to have gone to see had we a few days longer, but I’m sure we’ll get another chance at some stage over the summer 🙂

Aoibhe really liked they toys she got. I was delighted!

Dearbhaile and I at the party 🙂


Eoin, Dearbhaile, JP and myself at the party

All we wanted was one decent photo. I spent the entire time trying to hold my hair down. You’ll soon see why.

Holding hair photo #2 0 The Windswept look 😛

Holding hair photo #3

Holding hair photo #4 <– It’s getting ridiculous now..

I didn’t realise how posed we are until I started captioning these photos. Claire, myself, Eoin and Mary (Aoibhe’s great granny)

Eoin had one job – get a photo of us with the baby. One job.

After two cupcakes, chocolate and some ice cream, Aoibhe was getting into the swing of things..

Final rock photo. Hair holding photo #5. It was SO windy. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

This. This is why I had to hold my hair down so much.


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