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I could’ve written a bit about this past week or so but since I have photos, I decided just to post them. That and it’s 11pm and I’m just posting on this to distract myself from having to write up tutorial work. Sorry for the brevity. You know I never have time on my side.

So firstly, the mental health discussion! Yesterday marked the 6th anniversary of the Please Talk Campaign – an initiate started in UCD to promote positive mental health and to get people speaking about their problems. It’s done such wonderful work not just in our college but in others and I was thrilled to have been asked to speak as a Spunout representative on the panel.
I may post a bit on my speech later, but for now all I’m going to say is that I really enjoyed being a part of such an excellent discussion on an issue that is so incredibly important. Hopefully there’s more to come out of it 🙂 We’ll see!
In other news, I attended the RCSI Ball last weekend! I was wrecked, I had literally just landed back up from Donegal hours beforehand… but it was definitely worth it. We had such a great night.



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