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So the same day we went to take photos for the French competition I found myself wandering about Stephen’s Green shopping centre trying to pass a bit of time instead of heading out into the cold. It was while I was aimlessly rambling through the centre that I stumbled across this dainty little cupcake shop – Johnnie Cupcakes. I bought two carrot cake cupcakes initially (for energy purposes needed for the long day of photography ahead) and I was hooked. They were delicious. In fact, delicious was an understatement. These cupcakes were unbelievable!

Since that day, we’ve made it a goal to try all the cupcakes in this shop and rate them on a chart so that we can discover once and for all which cupcake comes out top in the Johnnie Cupcake selection.
So far we’ve tried about five flavours but we’ve no intention of stopping until we’ve finished them all.
The whole place is just so cute too – the little boxes, the designs, the staff.. everything about the shop makes it one of my new favourite frequents in Dublin.
Anyway.. The list, the Sweet Treat chart, currently is as follows…


1. Raspberry Ripple Cupcake: You simply must try it. (Positioned above in the centre of the photo accompanied by “black and white”, a vanilla and chocolate mix on the left and double chocolate on the right) There’s a little surprise right in the centre of this cupcake that rockets this cupcake right up to the top of the list. No question.

2. Carrot Cupcake: 1st and 2nd place alter based on cupcake accompaniment for if you’re having tea, carrot cake cupcakes definitely wins out.

3. Lemon Drizzle Cupcake: An unexpected but well deserved 3rd. I truly thought, in my own ignorance, that this would’ve placed lower, but the superior lemon and vanilla icing earned it’s rankings.

4. Banoffee Cupcake: Undoubtedly delicious but a tad sticky. Not that such is really an issue when it comes to high quality cupcakes.

5. Chocolate Orange Cupcake: Tastes just how you expect it to. A great combination, a solid choice for your chocolate orange fix but nothing outstanding. It may lose it’s place in the top 5 as we progress through the other flavours, but as with all Johnnie Cupcakes, it’s still yum.
We still have a few flavours left to try, but I’ll keep you posted on how the Cupcake Chart progresses!

Sorcha x

Recent updates: 29/4/13

So we’ve tried two new flavours this week – strawberries and cream and “black and white”. We’ve decided that strawberries and cream rank after lemon drizzle but before banoffee, therefore taking 4th on the list.
“Black and white” a vanilla/chocolate combination have come in at 6th. Just a few flavours left to try!


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