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The Law Ball. Most of us hadn’t gone last year and after the night that was in it this time round, I’m disappointed at myself for not having jumped at the chance sooner. I love formalities – how did 1st year me not think of attending??

We had such a brilliant night. The ball itself was held in Blanchardstown, miles away from UCD. We had a bus organised to take us from A to B and back, but the downside to this meant that we had to be ready for a night out by about 4pm that day. Ever had pre-drinks in the afternoon? No? Me neither. I couldn’t hack it. I did however have a very last minute run to the shop up the road from my house regardless – I’d forgotten soft drinks for Daire’s – the host of our Law Ball pre-drinks.

As for this little shop up the road…Well… we weren’t on first name terms before, but I’d say they’ll not forget me after the attire I landed into them in. Picture me in my ball gown and heels, clutch in hand and a hipflask blatantly inside it. It was one of those moments where I realised I looked ridiculous and decided I just had to make the most of it. There would be no embarrassingly brushing off an excuse that I had a ball to attend to. Certainly not. Classy is as classy does. The cashier didn’t need an explanation. With my politest smile I merely told him we’d run out of milk.


The ball! Everyone looked so unbelievable. The dresses were all stunning, the dickie bows and suits very dapper indeed. The best part of the event was that I was there with my entire class (bar one or two, but it was the closest we’ll ever get to having us all present)! We had tables beside each other and a night of celebration ensued. I think the night meant so much more to us than just a typical ball. It was the only time all of us would be there together. My class has the very odd make-up in that next year we’ll all be off to France but the year after less than half of us will return. This is the last semester that we’ll all be in UCD together. It’s not something I enjoy thinking about. My class mean so much to me – we’re a family. We share notes, we panic together, when we stress we stress as an entity and when one succeeds we succeed as a group. Next weekend Rob has his Irish Times Final in Belfast. We’ll all be attending. How could we not? It’ll be an epic class trip for one, but it’ll be a chance for us to show how proud we are of him too. I constantly remind myself how genuinely lucky I am to have the class that I do.

Moving back to the Law Ball, there was a Mac make-up artist to touch up make-up throughout the night, there was a man in a top hat and stilts to greet us before getting our champagne on arrival and there was a “sweet shop” for all to treat themselves to throughout the night. The nicest touch was the photographer – we finally got a class photo together. I love it! We got a few – one with novelty hats which is definitely my favourite. I think what I like most about the photo is that everyone’s personality shines through it. Karen has a random turtle teddy sneaked into the photo (outrageous). Rob has a cheeky grin, Daire looks effortlessly cool, Georgina with her flirtatious Angelina Jolie pout, Bronagh being sweet and Brian (although smiling in this photo) pulled his typical comic signature look mere seconds later. I think this is the photo I’m going to keep for years to come. I hope to be sixty years old and look back on it and be able to point to each one and talk with pride about all their successes. I love it. I absolutely love it. I love it just as much I love the people in it.

Right, summary time – Law ball was a success. I love my class. Going to Belfast next weekend. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Sorcha x


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