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This post is going to be kept pretty brief 🙂

I completely forgot that Lent started today and although I’m not the most religious of people, I still like the idea of the 45 day challenge. I’ve been known to give up Twitter, to give up cereal (Harder than you’d think – I hate toast and once you take those two out of the equation, breakfast just doesn’t seem the same), to give up tea and of course the typical giving up all things sweet and/or chocolaty.

This year I’m giving up nothing, but taking up something instead. I’ve decided I’m going to do one random act of kindness every day for the next 45 days. I may try and keep track of this challenge through the blog, but we’ll see. We all know I’m not the best at keeping this updated.

Law Ball! Remind me I need to tell you all about Law Ball! I feel I should wait til I get some photos before I actually post up about it. Well… It was excellent. That’ll do for now!

Sorcha x


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