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A few days ago I went to see Les Misérables. It was such an amazing film and I thoroughly recommend for all to see it!

Anyway, since I had a few extra days off before I went back to Dublin and started lectures and all that jazz, I decided I’d try and go piece together an outfit inspired by Les Mis! Obviously the only shopping possible for such a venture was vintage.

Instead of trying to incorporate all the characters into one outfit (which would’ve been the most thrown-together thing imaginable) I decided to pick a character and stick to it. And even though he’s the least appealing out of all in the film I chose Inspector Valvert. Read any magazine going and you’ll see that the military look is coming in, so I figured that this would just be a 19th century take on it. Besides, it’s almost a given that Les Mis will start affecting the high-street sooner rather than later.


Here’s what I found!

My most obvious search was for a jacket. Thankfully I popped into a shop down town Letterkenny and found this old marching band gem!

Now yeah, even I can admit that if I saw anyone walking down the street in marching band attire I’d think them odd. I still had to get this though… I just thought it was really quirky and it only cost a few euro. Even if I wore it once for fancy dress it’d be worth it!

But then once I took it home I realised that the epaulettes came off the shoulders. Once I got rid of them the jacket looked much more wearable 🙂

So okay, the jacket was a really lucky find. It made forming the rest of the outfit easier. I didn’t want to follow through with any random black trousers, so a bit of a cop out, but black skinny jeans would suffice. In fact, they looked great with it. Maybe I’ll post photos later once I’ve found suitable accessories!
The next job was trying to find something that kept in the military theme that didn’t quite have to be the medal effect. I found an excellent leather vintage-styled belt (it was River Island, but I’m calling it vintage inspired. It sticks).

The belt looks militaryish. I say so anyway! Little gold details on the belt were my substitution for medals. Nobody bar me will notice them really, but I’ll appreciate the detail nonetheless!

So now I’m left with looking for accessories. I’ve black boots in Dublin that will be perfect for that side of the outfit, no worries there! I’m thinking I need a red badge of some form. Maybe leather gloves (again, I have some in Dublin. They’ll do!).

I don’t really know where I’m going to wear this outfit, but if I manage to pull it all together it’s definitely getting a day out in town somewhere! I’ll take real photos. I promise.

Sorcha x.

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