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It’s around this time every year I start doing a personal review of everything I did over the past 365 days and figure out how much of it had a significant enough impact on me to essentially have grafted what became of my 2012. I know how that sounds, but it’s surprisingly enjoyable to reflect on everything in the not so flattering perspective of hindsight.

So the highs and lows of 2012: A Review.

Firstly – no regrets. That’s a given. As with every year, I made some mistakes and followed some things I perhaps shouldn’t have. I made a lot of stupid moves, ran with projects which weren’t as successful as I wanted them to be and went with things I should never have even approached. I’d say lesson learnt, but nope. We all know I’ll do the same next year. No regrets policy is really all I can group these things under.
Lessons I do think I’ll take from the year? Ammm… Well, I guess I’ve realised that I don’t need to keep up contact with people just for the sake of keeping up contact. If someone wants to keep a friendship, they’ll invariably find a way to make it happen. I spent a while wishing that this was easier and even blaming my busy schedule on not connecting with friends, but ultimately I realised that my disappointment in both myself and others wasn’t necessary. Losing contact is just something that happens and this is something I’ve learned from 2012.

I’ve also learned that I need to readjust my understanding of how people think. This year I’ve been amazed, shocked, impressed and appalled by the actions of individuals and I’ve had to dramatically change the way I view others actions. I’d forgotten that I am in no position to judge others because they don’t conform to my normalities. I’ve been guilty of jumping to conclusions this year, and this is definitely something I can work on.
2012 in a nutshell:

This year I had a few firsts. I went aeriel trekking for the first time. I absailed. I zip wired. I ran my own debates. I ran around a track for 24hours for charity. I went to my first comedy gig. I ran a gig. I learnt how to make ice cream. I got completely soaked whilst training for a mini marathon. I sent a secret to a complete stranger. I pulled off a week of sleep deprivation. I mentored. I ran workshops. I moved into a little house by the beach. I waitressed. I celebrated many many events with close friends and family. I’ve connected with people who this time last year I never knew existed.

That’s the beauty of a year gone by. Nothing massively changes, but a load of little things do. I’ve had to reconsider my future a thousand times and although I had a rough idea of how 2012 was going to shape out, 2013 is anyone’s guess. I’ve a life in France to look forward to and a series of plunges I’ve decided to take that may just send my life in a completely different direction. I guess we’ll see.

Last year my new year’s resolution was to keep up the good work. This year it’s the same. Well, that and learn to make macaroons. I’m determined!

Sorcha x


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