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I’m home! And it’s Christmas. It’s actually Christmas! I feel like the very last person in the world to acknowledge this. I blame exams entirely. Not that any of those matter anymore – they’re done. Finished. Next chapter. πŸ™‚

No okay I suppose I’d better talk about how the past few weeks have been given my absence from all bar Twitter. Well, without sugarcoating anything, they were horrible. I’ve never been so worn out in my life. I found out for the first time what it feels like to get about three hours sleep a night for an entire week and struggle to achieve good results. I tried everything this week to stay on top of things – caffeine, library sessions, Β study groups (thanks Karen!), condensed note taking, diagrams, brain maps, listening to French radio stations… I did anything and everything to get myself out of that helpless “I’m going to drown” feeling that comes with the exam period. I had attended a craft fair as a study break the week before the exams started in the RDS and it felt odd walking into the same venue minus all the festivities. Nothing but cold rows of chairs and people telling us to turn out our pockets. How very depressing indeed. There was some glittering remnants of the fair on the ceiling and an invigilator or two in Christmas jumpers, but that aside the building did nothing to remind us of what we were missing out on. Probably just as well.
Thankfully everything went as well as they could have gone but I’m not sure if that was down to pure luck or my cramming sessions surprisingly paying off. Maybe both. Know what makes exams so damn horrible? That blank spell that hits you right as you walk into the place. No case names come back. No rule of law is remembered. No French grammar in sight. It isn’t until the paper sits in front of you, pen in hand, that they begin to flood back. I know I’m not the only one that happens to, but I’d say I was especially bad for it this time round given the sleep deprivation didn’t help! I had a fortnight load of nerves because of such. Overall, I could not have been happier to finish up the final exam on Friday and come home. I felt like the world owed me a break. I felt like I needed sleep, food, friends and general down time…. I got all of the above merely hours after landing back in Donegal. It didn’t just seem like I was returning home from college, it was more a case of returning home from a period of my own self-induced exam hell. You’d think I was exaggerating. I’m not.
Next semester I’m starting far earlier and taking far more condensed notes in advance so that I don’t have to waste valuable study time on the likes nearer to the end of term tests. This is a thing that future Sorcha will do. If I say it here, it’s practically written in stone.

So moving drastically onwards and upwards, I’m back. I’ve a month load of free time on my hands and I’ve promised myself I’m going to use it to blog, read, socialise and move on with everything I’ve neglected thanks to college work taking over. I can’t wait! Though things haven’t gotten off to a great start technology wise – my laptop has broken. AGAIN. It’s gone for a month this time thanks to the shop being closed for the Christmas holidays, so I’m stuck with the home computer. Useless for uploading photos, so these ones I’ve put up of the Cusack household at Christmas were just a select few I took from my phone. Yup, thanks to HTC I can keep my blog that little bit more festive.

Right – I have to head – I’ll fill you all in on more of my Christmas plans as they unfold! Happy Christmas everyone πŸ™‚ (<– Just in case I don’t come on between now and then!)

Sorcha x

(P.S.) My application got accepted for being a youth journalist on the Irish Presidency of the European Council. THRILLED. Expect much more to come about this over the next six months!


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