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Today I found out that another Irish teenager has been lost to suicide. Another. One of many. Such a thought actually scares me. It’s unbelievably important to take care of our mental health – I know I push on about it non-stop, but so it will continue – I don’t think any of us can afford to step back and let more lives be lost simply because some poor souls didn’t find the help they needed.
 Mental Health is more important now than ever before and people need to know that they will never ever be left behind. Talking is difficult. In fact, even acknowledging that you need help is massive. I can only admire those who had the courage to step up and speak. Although there is always someone to talk to. Statistically one in four of us will suffer mental health problems at some stage in our lives which means that practically anyone could be struggling and we may not realise it until it’s too late. One in four means that out of everyone we know – friends and family alike – someone may very well be suffering as we speak. The scariest thought of all is that the brightest, most cheerful, most carefree individual could be stuck in a very dark place and unable to pull themselves out of it without us even suspecting a thing. We need to do everything possible to help them.

I love all my friends. Most of us would do anything to make sure that they got the help they needed to fight their battles, but this just isn’t as easy to do when their battles are entirely with themselves. Nobody can jump inside another’s head and understand how they feel. There’s a lot I don’t know about how the brain works, how emotions are controlled or how to escape from the loneliness that some might experience every day. I’m not an expert on anything mental health related, but I’m trying to learn as best I can. I want to be there for others in the way that I know others are there for me.

Please talk. It takes some amount of courage to admit that you’ve lost control and need help. People will understand. People are there to listen. Sometimes, even if you don’t realise it, the moment you have someone to talk to, half the battle is already fought. Not just fought…. won.
Here’s a list of links I’ve created. If even one person uses them or even acknowledges them, then this post has been worth more than the rest of my ramblings combined.
Sorcha x
NiteLine: Helpline: 1800 793 793
Aware: Helpline: 1890 303 302
Samaritans: Tel: 1850 60 90 90
Your Mental Health:


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