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Today I’m wearing a blue and red Christmas jumper. I drank tea from a cup with a penguin wearing a Santa hat on it. I listened to a song or two from a Christmas album made by my local Donegal Youth Service during my study break.

This is the very height of my festivities sadly. This past week, although I’ve been at home, I’ve found myself trying to completely avoid all things Christmassy and just concentrate on surviving the next few weeks til the exams are over and I can genuinely begin to enjoy our cold but brilliantly endearing season. December 21st – allegedly the end of the world – is the day I’m counting down to now. Such hype is mildly appropriate given it’ll mark the end of my exams… Hopefully not my world as I know it. Hopefully. These exams better play out right!

I’m not overly stressed about them as of yet, I feel I’ve done enough to see myself through them, but then again there’s always that twinge of “could’ve done more” that sits ever present at the back of one’s mind. This time last year I swore that things would be different. I told myself that I’d start studying from day 1 and be completely at ease as study week came upon us, but as is typical, this quite obviously wasn’t to happen and I currently feel as if study week jumped out of the middle of no where. Thanks me of three months ago. You really helped your future self out with all that lack of preparation you did.

So what’s getting me through this awfully grinch-like time? Plans for Christmas. I’ve taken to planning a new trip or social outing for almost every night of the holidays. Not one to miss an opportunity, I figure that it’s okay for me to sit in and have my books keeping me company at the minute as long as I know that there’s light at the end of the exam tunnel. I hate not having time for Christmas shopping, for putting the tree up or for all the little gatherings going on in the lead up to the 25th, but I do suppose I’ll be thrilled to have the study season behind me next semester when everyone else is launching into it all. Every cloud has a silver lining? Please say there’s more to mine than that. I need several silver linings. And maybe large quantities of chocolate and/or candy cane.

As with the last post, this too is being written on a bus. This time I’m coming back up from my stint at home. It was so lovely to be back for a while, but I think I need to be in Dublin now to get the final leg of my last minute cramming in. I know that if I’d spent the weekend at home, I’d have more than likely done nothing and just enjoyed being back and since that’s an inevitability for a few weeks time, I can exercise a bit of patience and hold out on that one.

Right, best get back to reading this criminal law. An update without much updating I’m afraid, but I’d say it’ll be my last until the exams are over.

Wish me luck… I do believe I’ll need it.

Sorcha x


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