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It’s past midnight and I’m writing this post on a next to empty bus back home to Donegal. Since my laptop is currently in the shop getting operated on, here is a update entirely entered onto the blog in text message form from my phone. A bad idea given the bus situation but I’m following through with it nonetheless!

That’s probably something I should fix really. I do have a tendancy to randomly run with ideas and I get the feeling this is going to catch up with me one of these days! I was sitting in my bedroom earlier, pyjamas on, notes out (EU law has the most impossible to memorise German case names by the way – see my rant on Twitter earlier for more on my dislike for all long words with ridiculous spellings), when I decided I’d really like to wake up in my own bed tonight. I’m not the type to get homesick but the idea of spending this next study fortnight at home really appealled to me.

Minutes later I’m googling the last bus home and flinging all my notes into a bag. Clothes had to be greatly reduced for the packing – I’ve actually no idea what I’m after throwing into the bag but I think I’ll be relying on a lot of borrowing from my sister this next while. Books got priority… Sad state of affairs.

One thing I didn’t pencil into my plans? The horrific plummet in temperatures we’ve been experiencing of late. Did I pack a scarf? Gloves? Big furry socks? Even a remotely heavy jumper that would get me through the painfully cold wait at the bus station? Nope. I’m clearly inept. Or tired. I took none of the above into consideration for my joyous return home. Still, I know I’ve all my books. And ny tooth brush. That’s one less worry I suppose…

So yes, now I find myself trying to not fall asleep on a surprisingly comfortable bus. Know what I’ve noticed? Whatever about each town having Christmas lights up, theres a mass of households with them up too! Surely its a tad early? I haven’t even got a Christmas jumper yet! Nor an advent calender for that matter. I intend to sort both out of course… Mental note made.

I think I’ll finish up here. The recent renewal of interest in my ramblings has made me want to stop neglecting this blog as much, its just awkward trying to fit updates into my schedule these days! I’ll try improve so that this becomes something thats actually deserving of the views its been getting.

Anyway yeah, proper updates and not just drowsy bus ramblings are pending, I promise. Some vlogs too once I get my beloved laptop back! If I’ll ever see that day…

Sorcha x


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