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This morning I made my 9am Friday lecture. This isn’t necessarily impressive in any way (well, depending on how studious a person might consider themselves to be…) except for the fact that last night was the L&H Strauss Ball. SUCH an epic occasion. I even learnt to waltz for it – that’s how impressive an event it was set to be. And it most definitely followed through. We were greeted with roses on arrival and each male in attendance had a card to fill with ten waltzes – a different lady expected for each one. Not to boast (cue blatant boasting) but I reached a personal best of making it onto twelve cards. Those lessons were most certainly not in vain. The reception was great, the dinner was delicious and the rest was exactly as I had expected it to be. It seemed like the perfect finish to semester one – I can now say I sent it all off in style. A lace ballgown kinda style if I’m being exact. Excellent.

Anyway, let me repeat myself.
This morning I made my 9am lecture. In Roebuck. French Civil Law. Two hours long.Without breakfast.
I felt like a ninja. Having both a social life and still obtaining academic success? It took me til the last day of the semester, but I thought I made it look easy. I half saw myself being in next year’s UCD prospectus, smiling cheesily with a law book and a granola bar in hand (I’d obviously have sorted the breakfast problem for all these 9am lectures I’d have been attending) with a caption of “Student Success – How you too can have it all”. I’m flexible on the caption, it wouldn’t necessarily have to be those words precisely, but the implication should still be the same.
But then fast forward about three hours…
Spotted: Me. In the student centre. I’m sure I looked relatively lost in thought, hopefully someone thought I was being pensive or something equally dramatic, but really I’m just contemplating whether it be more socially acceptable to sleep on their couches in the atrium or in some corner of the library hidden behind my trusty law books. Sleep deprived me is not someone I’m proud of. That’s me being nice to myself.
I guess I’ll never make the UCD prospectus for massive academic and simultaneous social achievement. Case closed.


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