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It’s been such a hectic few weeks.

Between organising debates, nights out, peer mentoring, orientation, debates convening and the likes, I genuinely haven’t had a moment to spare. I’ve loved it all but was thrilled nonetheless when this weekend rolled around and I was finally able to get a bit of sleep. Now that the bulk of my work is done, I can settle back into some form of routine with debates convening and I’m fairly sure things are going to get a lot easier from now on. ¬†Conor and I have decided that next semester we’re working on debates together which is a massive relief because it means twice the work will be done with half the pressure for roping in guests. I’m happy out!

As for the Batman debate, it was such a success. The place packed out and the speakers did an excellent job. I was so relieved when everything went to plan! Then again, I was relieved just to have it over too. It felt like I’d been organising the thing for so long and writing to so many guests that actually sitting through the debate and having it over felt like a massive weight off my shoulders. One down, loads left to go! Surely this job gets easier?

When I wasn’t running about doing last minute preparations for the debates and such, I was spending the rest of my time showing 1st years about campus and having peer mentor sessions with the new Law with French Laws/Maitrise. It was weird being seen as some sort of pillar of wisdom for them – they had a good few questions and some were a bit apprehensive about studying law through a foreign language but I really hope I helped put them at ease. Even just a little bit. I know all too well how nerve-wrecking it is to find out that the majority of your class is French and to think that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. I was apprehensive enough my first few weeks and even though it didn’t inhibit how much I loved the course and the others doing it, I’d hate to think that this might happen to someone else. Out of six of us last year doing the course, two dropped out. That’s not a reflection on the course but a reflection on their interest in doing it. The only thing is, I’m not sure this point hit home when I was talking to my mentees. I guess I’ll have to keep reminding them how fun the whole thing actually is if they don’t take the pressure too seriously and learn to enjoy being in such a close-knit group. One thing I have decided though is that I’m going to do everything possible to make their year easier for them. It’s the least I could do. I figure that if someone has put me in a position of mentor to these guys, then I’m going to do the best possible job I can to fill out that role. I mightn’t be the best for giving advice, but I’ll put enough effort in to at least make them feel like someone’s looking out for them!



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