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All my bags are unpacked, the presses are now fully stocked and I’m beginning to get used to the faint drips and gurgles that come as a soundtrack to an old house. My post now arrives to this place. It’s officially official – I’ve moved in.

I spent day one of the big move just trying to get here (tricky enough given that I’d never before driven through Dublin city) and trying to get through bags and bags of things I’d brought from Donegal. It took hours. So much seemed essential when I was packing but when it came to unpacking… well, it just amounted to far too much stuff. I really should’ve checked with Conor to see how much crockery, utensils, etc we actually needed. Now we have two microwaves and three tvs. We’ve countless bottles of bleach, catering sized packs of washing up liquid and an obscene amount of toilet roll/soap. In fairness, I will put my hands up and say I was the chief culprit in bringing clutter into the house, but I expected the cottage to be empty. All the excess can travel back up home with me anyway. I’m genuinely not too fussed.
So once I’d actually moved myself in, I decided to go about discovering the house and all it’s little features. I found four mini-attic like cupboards that had to be opened despite the fact that I had to stand on chairs and desks to reach them. You know what I’m like… curiosity meant I couldn’t leave any doors unopened. All the switches had to be turned on too, though I still can’t figure out what one or two are meant for. I fear they’ll turn out like that episode of Friends where the lights are for Christmas decorations on the roof, but from the view outside (and the fact that it’s most definitely not in keeping with the general style of the place) I’d say it’ll not be festive bulbs. If I figure them out, I’ll let you all in on it.
Aside from mysterious switches and old cupboards, I found such a collection of trinkets about the place that paint quite the interesting picture of it’s previous residents. The place is full of candles and incense sticks. There’s fairy lights along the halls. There’s a little star lantern in my room and a tiny ornate hand-painted elephant that I’ve placed on my window sill. There’s various pillows and decorations about the house too. I don’t know who lived here (though old post means I could easily find out) but I think I’d have liked them. We seem to have similar ideas about what makes a house a home.
Once I’d sufficiently discovered my house, I decided to move out into the surrounding area and beyond to college and learn that area all off too. I spent the next few days going for walks along the beach and down Ailesbury Road admiring the creme de la creme of Dublin City housing. Ailesbury Road, for those of you who don’t know, is on the Monopoly board. It’s one of the dark blue strips as far as I remember… aka. One of the most expensive places to live in Ireland. I was impressed by the size of the houses and the individuality their owners managed to incorporate into them, but at the end of the day, they all were just typical city houses from what I could see. It’s a little difficult to be massively impressed when each mansion is as epic as the one beside it. Although I could understand why the Monopoly board had featured them, I still wouldn’t base my life’s ambitions on living there.
I got to see the new UCD Student Centre too! And our L&H office. Now this – this I was amazed by. Everything in the place seems so lavish. Down one corridor alone I counted seven in-build plasma screens all  turned on to Sky News. Seven! Surely that’s a tad excessive? Not that I’m complaining. The building is HUGE and so very very well equipped. We have a lovely new cinema, theatre and debating chamber too! I’m really excited to get into it all. Makes a person proud to be attending UCD.
In other news, I’m heading back home for a few days tomorrow. Caoimhe is landing into Dublin Airport tonight and it suits me to take her and Sam back up to Donegal. I get a few final outings at home too which I’m really looking forward to! Then it’s back up here for the long haul. Now that I’ve brought most of my life back up to the capital, it no longer seems like much of a transfer over. I can’t wait to see how things are going to play out. Summer was fun, but this new year is going to be better. I know it. Things are all working out far too well for it to be prove otherwise.
Sorcha x


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