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It’s August 1st. Registration for heading back to UCD started today. Both made me realise that summer is genuinely on the way out. Depressing… Maybe. I’m not entirely sure. I can’t figure out if I’m happy about this or otherwise! Indecisive? Me? Hardly. 🙂

I’m off now to Cork the day after tomorrow so that’ll be the family visiting ticked off the ever growing “summer list”. Should definitely me busy for a while anyway. See all there is to see in the south and all that jazz.. It’ll be a great week!

And I’ve excellent news to report – we got the cottage. THE BEACH COTTAGE. With the red door and the quint interior… I’m so thrilled. So so so incredibly thrilled! I’ve started looking around for little bits and pieces to put into the house too. The bedrooms are up to us how we want to change them about, so I’m considering decorating mine to facilitate my French aspirations. Maybe a massive print of Paris or something. Minimalism. I should like a room like that.

I’m getting back round to editing these Teacup Chronicle photos too! We’re back in action on that side of things. I’m hoping to get at least two more chapters done in the upcoming weeks and then I’d be happy to leave things at that. Then we’d have a chapter for every month of the summer and a chapter to spare – perfect. Might be a rushed photo day though where we get two scenes done in the one go… we’ll see. It’s not editing that’s the problem, it’s finding time to take them in the first place!

As for toffee (the title) well… I’m eating it as I write this. Few of you may know this, but I absolutely love the stuff. Especially when it’s in slabs straight from the tin like you used to find in old sweet shops. Good old hard-as-rock toffee. Yummmmm. Maybe when I open my vintage cafe I’ll have large slabs of it under the counter. An old-fashioned scales too. I wouldn’t stick to it though.. I’d ruin any teeth I had eating the stuff by the tonne! One can dream these things anyway.

Right, Eilis is having a belated birthday party tonight and there’s an invasion of fifteen year olds in the house. I’m curled up on the couch in the lounge as we speak trying to avoid the bedlam. It’s just me and them in the Cusack household tonight… How joyous an evening. Seems like one of those “Let the games begin” kinda scenes. Fight to the death maybe. Winner takes all. Or maybe I’m greatly exaggerating it… They are in just watching dvds after all. Though with the amount of sweets in that living room, I’d be surprised if any of them make it out alive! Guess we’ve all been there…

Oh! Books. I’m sinking my teeth in to a good few these days and delighted to be doing so. I’ve started going into second hand bookshops (DPR and Universal Books are good ones – both will offer you coffee if you hang around long enough!) and developing my own little book selection criteria. If I’m ever unsure between two books, I’ll go for one with a coffee stain of forms. Or one that has a good few dog ears. Obviously I’ll base some of my decision on the content of the book itself, but I figure that if a person was absorbed enough in a book to read it whilst having a hot beverage or lunch or something that could equally cause a mess, then it must be good. Flawed logic I know, but I like to think of it that way.

Sorcha x


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