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I’m back! In every sense of the word.

I spent the past fortnight doing a bit of travelling around the country and took a little dander down to Mayo, trained it across to Dublin and now I’m home for a bit. I say a bit because this travelling business is pretty much going to take up the rest of my summer – I’m off to Cork in early August for a family visit and then before I know it, I’ll be back up in Dublin city for good. Wow. For good. Thinking that sounds relatively odd. See, the last leg of summer is going to fly in and I’m half looking forward to what life’s going to throw at me from September onwards, half sickened to be leaving home. This time it seems I’ll be gone for a rather extensive period of time too.
Explanations to follow. News from the trips to be discussed first.
So Westport was a fun little weekend – I met up with a few friends, we did a mini pub crawl around Mayo and finished the night in Matt Molloys. Best pints? The pub at the foot of Croagh Patrick. The sun was out, it was a warm evening… such a nice atmosphere. And there was a buzz about the place that just made you want to sit it out and soak it all up. Westport House (skipping ahead a day or two) had an epic scene too – the boats, the rides, the gardens and the house. My God, the house. It was such a masterpiece. Old libraries, elegant wooden floors, high ceilings, quaint bedrooms, a drawing room.. It was beautiful. A house that one could only be happy living in. Well, one that I’d be nothing but happy in. Although it was massive, a toned down scale to normal sized house with the same gallant decor would be so lovely to live in. Oh and there were dungeons too. That could be a conversation starter in a house. Plus the library had a secret passage – IMAGINE. I fell in love with the place. To be honest it would’ve been hard not to. I can only hope that one day my house will have such character.
Whilst having drinks in Westport we realised that it was about time we went house-hunting up in Dublin so conveniently got the train across. Landing out at Heuston Station felt like returning home. We met up with the old crowd, stayed up having late night conversations about anything and everything, then spent the day running from place to place trying to view as much as possible. Our feet were so incredibly dead afterwards that I’m still suffering from it! Though we think we’ve found the one. Regarding places with character, this fitted the category perfectly. It’s a little cottage with a big red door which finds itself directly across from the beach.  Sanded wooden floors, not too far from college, open fire and comfortable furniture… You need to see it. Come for tea – its epic! Well, come for tea if we get it. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed.
Anyway moving on to these explanations – there’s a glitch in the otherwise flawless plan. I can only really get a place for twelve months, so if I move into this cottage, I’m in Dublin until next September…and thereafter I’ll be in France for a year. So scarily enough, I won’t be properly home and settled in Donegal again for the guts of two years. I hate thinking that though. I’m one for the travels and for boasting independency, but there’s nothing like coming back home to people and a place that I love. Still, que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be. I suppose the only thing I can really do now is see how life plays itself out 🙂
News in brief: Saw the Dark Knight Rises – Thoroughly enjoyed it. Went to the beach – finally got a trip there! Wouldn’t have felt like summer otherwise. Attended an 80s party with friends which was an epic night all round. Still working away mad at this debates convening craic – I can’t reveal too much about it, but everything is going according to plan. Loft fashion group is finishing in two weeks – we’ve an “end of group” night planned, but it’s still in the rough works at the minute. Finally, it’s Eilis’ birthday today. She’s fifteen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIDDO. I’ll spend tomorrow baking her a cake and whatnot no doubt!
Sorcha x


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