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RIP laptop.

As sorry an excuse as this is, I haven’t been blogging entirely due to my laptop suffering a horrible blow at the wrath of my little cousins. Merely hours before they left for home, one of them drops it. Everything is gone. EVERYTHING. In one foul swoop photos, music, etc all disappeared. I could’ve cried when I ventured into the computer shop and they told me it was repairable but would come back to me entirely wiped of all its memory. Three weeks they said too! Imagine all the work I’m behind because of it. Gutted to say the least.

So since my summers work has disappeared at the quite literal touch of a button, I’m taking this three week opportunity as a break from my frequent online presence. I’m not tweeting, facebooking, emailing nor blogging half as much. It’s actually a little liberating. I never realised how much I used my laptop to connect in with everyone, so now without it things are much quieter.

News: None.

I’ve been keeping busy with that cookery course in the Loft (I learnt some things too – I now know how to make an apple pie with cheese in the crust… Delicious believe it or not) and taking mad trips around the country – I’m for Mayo this week! I’ve also had to do a fierce amount of catching up with work since its all been deleted off my laptop. Debates Convening for the Literary and Historical Society mainly. Letters that I’d spent hours researching and writing up had to be done out again and I can’t really be angry about it because it’s entirely my own fault. Backing up stuff isn’t just for college notes, it should be a way of life. Lesson learnt.

Oh! Actually I do have news. Shauna, Claire and I have started the ball rolling on our nights out. We decided a while back that we needed to spend more time with just the three of us. Nothing crazy – no mad adventures of any sort – just us, drinks and a catch-up. We had our first girls night on Saturday and I loved every bit of it. We grabbed cocktails to begin with, then headed for that quiet corner in the Downtown and spent hours just rambling on about anything and everything. Most of the time we head out for drinks it’s because someone is playing a gig and we’re out just to see them, but this I definitely preferred. The next one is three weeks from now – we put a firm date on it for fear we’d let time fly on by and not get round to making it a regular occurrence!

I finally got round to heading to the library too! (Just randomly jumping from topic to topic…) It took something like losing my laptop to compel me to head in. Such a nice trip it was too – I’d forgotten how much I loved the place. All should go! Finishing this post with a recommendation that I hardly ever take myself seems a bit hypocritical. I should work on that.

Sorcha x


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