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I know I said I was only briefly posting my news and whatnot, but I completely forgot to mention about the Teacup Chronicles Chapter 2! The idea is to get this project done over the weekend and we’ve a few ideas being thrown around. Ultimately we want something suitably different from the previous photo shoot, but still in keeping with the theme. This isn’t exactly the most difficult thing to do – once a teacup is present in the photos, the theme is set.

I went up to the attic to tidy it up a bit and found a few things that might come in handy for said photoshoots. Some fascinators, some props.. and a box of teacups that we didn’t even know we’d had. I guess my family buy things and completely forget about them so leave them needlessly gathering dust. I’m going to change that! The teacups will get their first outing… the first of many.

Anyway I’m not giving anything away about this photoshoot, partially because I like the addition of the surprise element, but also because we may change our minds a thousand times between now and Sunday. Depends on how much organisation we get covered. I’ll keep you in the loop though.

Sorcha x


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