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So this week was a week of trying out new things. I dyed my hair. I took a random bus ride to Dublin (new, not really.. but it was a nice change of scene for a bit). We even ventured into the Nerve Centre in Derry to attend the Silent Cinema. I really enjoyed myself 🙂

What do I mention first? Well okay, if I take these things in order.. then the hair dye.
It was long overdue to be honest, but I decided to go darker. Just enough to genuinely change my appearance, not enough to be considered a mad or daring move. I’m still getting used to it – I hadn’t counted on how pale I would look. Or how inappropriate for summer my choice was. But, it’s done now and I’m sticking it out. Any other time I haven’t been happy with my petty decisions, like this one, I’ve just changed things up again. So maybe I’m being stubborn with myself, but this time I’m keeping it. For a while anyway. 😛
As for the random bus ride to Dublin, well it was what it was. The opportunity arose, I took it. Even though I was only there for a few hours, it was still an epic feeling to be back in the capital. It felt good being back at my home away from home. It’ll happen again soon enough no doubt!
Finally, the silent cinema. An epic venture to say the least! We hadn’t much of a notion what it was we were going to see nor what it was even called, but we figured it was one of those things we’d rather attend and find it was mediocre than miss and hear it was brilliant. We actually thought it was some form of an exhibition to do with music and film, but really we should’ve coped that it’d be something to do with a silent movie. The surprise was nice regardless. The film was “Metropolis.” The original was made in 1927 and apparently people had found out-takes, lost footage, etc.. and painstakingly put the thing back together so that modern viewers could still watch the film as the director had intended. I’d never have the patience for such a project myself, but I admire those that do. Their labour wasn’t in vain either, the film was great. Really great. The plot itself wasn’t exactly the height of originality, but I liked the whole idea behind the film, the costumes, the actors, the general dress… and the sheer novelty of the movie being silent. Yes, no matter what anyone says, society needs more silent cinema. I would encourage this at all costs!
Anyway, I’m wrecked, so this is just a brief post.
Sorcha x


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