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For the sake of updating this blog, I’m just going to fill in a little bit about last week so that this whole thing stays true to form and actually does load up with my summer ventures and not just random photos and whatnot of things that I like.

So anyway… My week! Lacking in any substantial ventures of note, no travelling done, no mysterious “road not taken” visits, so really nothing overly exciting to report. Though I did take this week as one for heading out. I’m usually a house party or pub kinda person, so I’d actually been home for two months and hadn’t darkened the door of one nightclub in town. It didn’t even bother me a bit…Til this week when I had the opportunity of going out all of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Not that I did all four. Such is for the college days midyear. Though I did find myself especially tempted by heading to the “Beach Party” in the Grill and since the crowd heading out on Thursday weren’t those I usually get to hang out with, I was definitely going to head to the Pulse with them too. Those two days were a given.

Beach Party? Yup – we went all out. Well, some of us did! The summery wear was pulled out and I can proudly say that yes, I did indeed wear my swimsuit and shorts to the club. There were flowers in my hair at one stage. I did get soaked from the inflatable pool they had. It was a great night all round! 🙂  Then on Thursday I decided that I’d dress up suitable for the occasion, but no heels – I’d wrecked my feet the night before and just couldn’t handle the pain two nights in a row. I know, I know… I should’ve sucked it up, but my weakness is comfort… and I’m ALL about the comfort. So flats it was! And thank God too – the night was a tad too messy for anything else. Brilliant as it was, much was consumed and I felt horrific for it afterwards. Friday morning was not a fun experience. I’ll leave it at that.

Friday night then was meant to be a bit of a pub trip, but I swapped the night out for a night in at Paul’s. We had booked said slot for tea and a catch-up, and I loved it. We had manys a cup of tea and even a few giant cookies… Not once did I feel like I was missing out from not being with the rest in McGinleys – tea and couch discussions on anything and everything trumps it. Well, it did this time anyway. I was thoroughly content with my decision.

Then Saturday came around and we had Elaine and Conor’s going away party. Great night too!! Elaine has a massive garage out back filled with couches and chairs and whatnot. It was perfect for sitting around and just having the social drinks. Her friends from Galway were up and it’s always nice to get new perspectives on old conversation topics… So yes, once again, I had an enjoyable evening. (Despite the awkward ten point turn I ended up doing at the back of the house… too many cars for comfort there.)

If anyone has actually made it this far, I just took a long winded way of saying that I had a few late nights out, all of which were brilliant. I need some sleep time to get over it though – I’m one of these people who become completely inept at anything and everything if I haven’t had enough sleep. I’m working on it now 🙂

Aside from the nights out, I’ve also been throwing myself into work for the Literary and Historical Society and in doing so have spent hours researching and writing letters to various celebrities, experts, politicians, etc asking them to participate in upcoming debates of mine. It’s a fairly monotonous task, but it’ll be rewarding at the end of it! And the Fashion Group has started up too! We got off to a good start on Thursday evening with our introductory session – tea, chocolate, sewing and a general discussion about what they actually want to do over the next few weeks. I’m not going to get stressed with it, I’ll just see how it pans out.

That’s pretty much a summary of my week! I use the word summary leniently – I’ve no doubt that I dragged it on a bit. Well maybe next week’s update will be more interesting – I’m returning to Dublin for a day or two! And possibly Derry midweek for some cinema project in the Nerve Centre. Could be excellent. We’ll see.

Sorcha x


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