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Today I decided I’d go and donate blood! I figured it was a very worthy cause, and they definitely needed that extra pint more than I did. Feels pretty damn good too knowing that taking half an hour of my time may just save someone else’s life! Hope things work out for whoever it is gets my pint. I did my best to eat healthily too – took a massive bowl of cereal this morning and took vitamin supplements last night! Doubt that makes a massive difference to the blood, but I wanted it to be as good as I could’ve made it! Stupid really, the little things you think about before doing something like that. I very nearly couldn’t give it too – the minimum amount of iron a person is allowed have in their haemoglobin count and still donate is 12.5…. I had 12.7. Just scraped in! I would’ve been gutted if I couldn’t have helped, but I was a tad worried when all my friends had their counts in the 16.5s, etc. Note to self: TAKE IRON SUPPLEMENTS. Or eat more brocolli. Or maybe liver. Or start drinking Guinness. That’s a thing right? Iron in Guinness due to the containers it’s in or something random like that… Then again, maybe that’s just something they told me. I’m gullible like that!

Anyhu, whilst I was at the blood clinic, I went with some friends and we spent our time planning a 50km trek for charity that we intend on doing in September/end of August. We were thinking about fundraisers and possible paths we could do… and it all just seems such a good idea, but it’s going to require some amount of work! Not just on the organisational side, but on the physical training side of things too. 50km is no easy task.
After all was said and done at the blood clinic (I didn’t faint mind! Despite the antics that occurred at the place, and chat to me in person if you actually want to know what happened, I didn’t faint! They just thought I was going to :P) I went to Jacksons, that hotel in Ballybofey. I helped unload boxes of jewellery and clothes and shoes and even old books for the big charity sale going on tomorrow night. The place looked great by the time I left – a lot of effort has gone into organising the event, so I really hope it works out for them!
I’ll keep this thing posted on how that works out though – I’m popping in to see how it goes there during the sale, plus to see if they need a hand, so we shall indeed see!
I guess overall today was a bit of a good deed day all round. I’m delighted with myself for getting that blood donation done (something I tried to convince as many people as possible to do!) and I was more than happy to go along with this trek idea and help with the Donegal Pet Rescue sale.
Everything’s working out fairly nicely in my world… here’s hoping it sticks.
Sorcha x


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