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There’s so many plans for photography this week! I’m so excited. So very very excited!!

Tonight I’m heading back into the charity shop to dress up more mannequins and post more outfits up online. I was thrilled with how last week’s ventures worked out – the site jumped by 2000 views! Granted that probably wasn’t entirely due to the photos, but they must’ve helped 🙂

And on Thursday there’s the vintage fair/ clothes sale in Ballybofey – I’ll most definitely be making an appearance at that too. You’ll find me rummaging about in old bags of material no doubt… especially given that the fashion group is starting up properly the following week!

Oh and finally, we’re on the verge of starting our “Teacup Chronicles” photoshoot. It basically consists of us being photographed in various locations, the more random the better, sitting pretty with teacups. On Friday we’re dressing up in pretty little gowns, putting flowers in our hair and throwing ourselves into the river. Should be brilliant!!

Sorcha x


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