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Well the sunshine is out and just in time for my birthday celebrations next week! I’m so excited. Hopefully the weather sticks, I’d love to have an outdoor party with garden furniture and little fire pots.. But we’ll see! I’m also attempting to make my own birthday cake this year! I want it two tiered. I know, a bit ambitious aren’t we? Well I’ll give it a go anyway. I want my birthday to be disgracefully classy. You know the type šŸ™‚

Aside from that, I’ve most of this week off work so I’m dedicating it to preparing for the Loft fashion group! I’m visiting the RCC either Wednesday or Thursday to check out how we’d actually pan out the fashion showcase itself, and then I’m spending my Thursday evening to preparing for the first group session the following week! It’s exciting stuff. I also have to go into the charity shop and take a whole load of photos of their stock… It’s part of theĀ collaborationĀ and I’m delighted to do it. It’ll be epic craic! Plus I’ll post the photos up here.

Ahhhhhhhh and we also have a midnight picnic at the beach to attend to. I shall keep you informed on it all!

Sorcha x


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