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So I was just in at the Loft yesterday. From a combination of the Loft wanting more volunteers to get involved in things and an idea I’d been running up for a while, I decided to go with setting up a fashion group that revolved around customising clothes, thrift shopping, updating old outfits, learning new hair and make-up ideas, etc etc etc. Throw in a few guest speakers, maybe link it up to this blog… and finish it off with a fashion show to bring the whole thing together! I’m incredibly revved up for it. It’ll have an undertone of building self-confidence and dealing with esteem issues, which I think is also genuinely important for people these days.

I’ve had the idea of approaching local charity shops and seeing if they want to “collaborate” (strong word, obnoxiously strong prehaps…) with us and showcase some of their stuff whilst putting the fashion group to the test in customising old clothes to suit a modern style. Again – EXCITED!!!! Seems like such an unreal little project, so I’m launching wholeheartedly into it. If anyone has any ideas, keep me posted. I’ll do likewise 🙂


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