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I popped into the shops today and bought some basics – just some white t-shirts and a few cardigans! I got them in three colours – royal blue, bright yellow and red. They were about €5 each given that they weren’t the best quality, but they were perfect for my little customising project!

I’m just finished the red cardigan so I decided to post it up here 🙂

I went into my local arts and crafts shop and spent an age looking in awe at all their mad collection of buttons. They literally had ones for every occasion! I ended up buying eight little floral wooden hearts for the red cardigan, and as for the blue and yellow… I  have plans for them, but the buttons I want are so specific I may just end up buying them off ebay.

Anyhu…. I bought the buttons for about €2, and came straight home and chopped the original buttons off the cardigan.I decided a nice touch would be to add some blue string which might stand out instead of the initial red, and I stand by that idea… check out the photos – I think it looks great!


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