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I love these dresses, but couldn’t really be caught out and about in any of them bar the emerald green party dress doe to looking like I’m born in the wrong era. See, I do have an admiration for all things vintage, but I like them best when they’re wearable without making a strong statement – like a modern piece with just a vintage twist! These kind of dresses are epic for setting inspiration though! See the navy dress? Head straight to a material shop to buy a bit of lace. Make a belt out of it…. And get some cheap navy dress and combine the two. Voliá! And as for the dress beside it.. Sleeves are horrific. Collar is cute. If I had that dress, I’d just chop off the arms, sew it up and wear a cardigan. Cardigans are really my saving grace with these things – I’d save the first and second dress with one too! Maybe bright yellow. I have one that needs replacing.

No idea why I’m adding this post to my blog, it’s really just my ramblings.. But then again, that’s exactly what said blog is for 🙂


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