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Trying to help out my little sister write her Irish essay for her upcoming summer exam. It’s been years since I tried to compose any sort of incident through Irish… Delighted to say I’m rusty on the whole thing, but it’s still there! Despite all those French phrases roaming about, I still have a few sketchy Irish ones packed in there too somewhere. It’s nice to know I could still muster up a basic essay if I had to! Might try and spruce up on the whole thing over summer. It’d be a shame to lose it all I suppose……

And this post is pretty much nothing relevant to anything, I just happened to wander back on my blog while Eilís was writing the essay. Still is too – I’m semi-dictating and am currently waiting for her to catch up!


To the Laughter Lounge!
It’s been in Dublin for years, but Letterkenny seems to now be trying the whole thing out. I’m thoroughly looking forward to it 🙂

Sorcha x


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